When: 9/27/18

QIC: Woody Washington

PAX: Largemouth, Flo, Mudtire, Mule Days, Peg Leg, Barney Fife, Novocaine, Deuce (RESPECT), Ramses, Enron, Duct Tape, Big Al, Double D, Woody.

This was my VQ so I had a lot of pressure to perform! These guys expect a lot. I decided the best way to do this was with a friendly competition. I arranged a kind of scavenger hunt all over downtown but instead of collecting items, we collected exercises. Each team went a different direction with team 1 going in one direction and team 2 doing the same course in the opposite direction. That way the amount of running was equal. I tried to keep it fair but that didn’t happen….more on that later. At each stop there was a bright yellow sign with F3 logo and the workout instructions for that site. Once completed, the next site for each team was listed.  Important to do each exercise site as a team.  So….. here’s how it went.


Circle up for warmup right at 5:15, a lot to get done in 45 minutes. Several comments already about my Weinke (I detected some jealousy).

SSH IC – #15

Good mornings IC #10

Count off in 1s and 2s for teams. Instructions given.  As usual, more confusion than understanding.


I’ll do this in the order that team 2 went. For team 1 just read up from bottom. That’s where they belong!

Leave AO and head to Gaylord’s Ledge (he was curiously absent this morning). Pair up and do assisted pullups #10, then hang and do toe touches to ledge #5.

On to Gazebo on waterfront (Peoples Pier) – 20 dips, 20 Weezy Jeffersons. Rinse and repeat.

Next stop- backside of new brewery building. 20 squats holding a cinder block, stand and do overhead press . Had to take turns as not enough blocks. Rinse and repeat. Sign was confusing, I had crossed out 20 and written in 10 but then forgot and did 20.

On to Box jump wall at west end of waterfront. 10 box jumps, 10 dips. Rinse and repeat x 2.

Head to courthouse. Start at corner of building. Do 10 jump lunges, run up and down stairs, do 10 merkins, bear crawl back to start.  Rinse and repeat. This was where the two teams crossed paths. A lot of jawing back and forth. Kind of like State and UNC or ECU and State.

Gazebo at AO- Weighted squats (goblet squats) with 15 or 20 pound weights or kettlebells. (More kettlebells!!!) Rinse and repeat. Oddly enough when we arrived, there was only one kettlebell and seven of us. Set completed after we found the “misplaced” weights.

Coffee Caboose- closed so no coffeteria! Suicase situp # 20, crabcakes #20. Rinse and repeat.

Last stop- midway down boardwalk. 5 Derkins, 5 merkins, rinse and repeat. Head for flags at finish.


Penalty for last place team (we like to think of it as a close second place) was 5 burpees. Although I am sure we would have won if not for the “misplaced” kettlebells, team 1 was good sports and some did burpees with us. I think Double D is always looking for a reason to do extra burpees ( I worry about that boy).  I had Rambling music ( Lynard Skynard, Sammy Hagar, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton) ready to do some planks with merkins for each “Ramblin” in the songs but not enough time. Maybe later.


Final tally:

10 Derkins

30 Merkins

40 crabcakes

40 suitcase situps

70 Dips

40 Weezy Jeffersons

40 weighted squats

20 or 40 cinder block squat and press

30 box jumps

10 pullups

5 hanging toe touches

20 jump lunges

2 bearcrawls

1.9 miles of running (more of a mosey for me)

Finished at 5:58. Circle up for  Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama.  Circle of trust- celebration for Big Als son, Flo’s daughter with improved medical diagnosis. Close out with prayer.




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