Good Morning!
Identification:   Henry Capogna, Wolverine
Not a Professional….MODIFY
Football — wimpy Wolverines
15 Heismans on a four count
25 Cheerleaders while running in place
20 Side Straddle Hops
Circle The Wagon
Runners runs the circle twice
Sprinter lunges OYO
Flutter Kicks
Mountain Climbers
(Rinse & Repeat)
Mosey to the Wall
Count off
Even numbered Jump the Wall x 15
Odd # do Peter Parkers OYO til’ final man
Rinse & Repeat
Count to ten count rest
Mosey to Pier.  Every three light poles we change our mode.
First three poles….skip to my Lou’s
2nd three poles….backward run
3rd three poles….run sideways
4th three poles….bunny hops
5th three poles: lunges
At the pier:
25 dips in unison
Leg lifts count of 10…first @ 15 degrees..second @ 30 degrees third @ 45 Degrees
MOSEY thru downtown to the Wall
Squat against the Wall—singing National Anthem
Pike at 65 degrees singing America the Beautiful
Count off to 10
P.O.W Run in Single file JOHN McCain to the Gazebo
Mountain Climbers in Unison x 10
Rockette Chorus Line while singing “God Bless America”
Step up..step down
Run to the flag
Prayer requests
Huddle up for prayer—hand on a man
Picture time
TClap |