12 PAX met on a breezy morning for a Saturday beatdown. We have several MIAs that need some encouragement to get back in the routine. If you see Gaylord, Big Al, MudTire, Novocaine and others, give them a nudge.




Firedrill (my personal favorite).  This got the blood pumping and an early start to the mumblechatter. Double D already complaining about dizziness. Didn’t he do that Thursday too???

The Thang:

After warmup we moseyed to the people’s pier. Several teens there on OUR benches. Flo politely asked one guy to move but invited him to join in with us doing dips. Ninja polite.

25 Russian Dips Left leg

25 Russian Dips Right leg

25 Weezy Jeffersons

Next an Indian Run to the start on main street. I informed the PAX that were at Thursday bootcamp that apparently Enron has been sneaking peeks at my Weinke because he stole part of my workout to use Thursday!

Starting on main we did side lunge squats 1/2 way down the block. Stopped to do 5 Burpees, then side lunge squats with opposite side to intersection. 15 Mike Tysons at intersection. Zombie/Lunge walk 1/2 way down next block, 25 Mountain climbers. Backwards run to end of block followed by 50 curb box jumps. Moseyed back to AO for real start of workout!

7 of Diamonds. Cones set out in a diamond in honor of start of baseball we had home,1st, 2nd and 3rd base cones. All exercises done in multiples of seven.

First: 7 burpees at home plate-sprint to first base and do 7 burpees, sprint to second and do 7 burpees then sprint to 3rd and do 7 burpees and sprint home. I use the term “sprint” very loosely here. Starting to look more like a Bataan Death March for some.

Next 14 Merkins at each base

21 squats

28 LBC’s

Boys making good time. Was ready to turn to page 2 but my large print Weinke had blown away. Amazingly right into Flo’s pocket!! Once it was discovered, we went in descending order:

28 Plank Jacks

21 SSH

14 Monkey Humpers

7 Jump Lunges-  Baguette pointed out that 1/2 of us were doing jump squats, the others who read the Weinke correctly were doing jump lunges. I hate to admit it but YHC who wrote the Weinke was doing the wrong exercise too.

A little time left so we circled up for a cooldown. 15 Imperial Squat Walkers- slowly to allow for a good deep squat. Burt helpfully suggested more Burpees so we did Side Straddle Burps – 5 SSH 2 Burpees for 3 cycles. At this point I had considered a good old circle burp but decided that would just be too much of a good thing. Instead went to 6 minutes of Mary:


Banana Supermans (Thanks a lot Duct Tape-that sucked)


COT- countarama, namerama.

Announcements- Peter’s Run April 20th- F3 discount of $3 if sign up by 26th of March. Race is 8:15 am on April 20th. We need to support Cornhole as he has done a lot of work for this.

March 24th at YHC’s house I am hosting a meeting with NC House Representative Greg Murphy who is running for Walter B Jones’ US House seat. NOT a fundraiser, just a chance to meet Greg and hear his views. A devout Christian conservative who I have known for 25 years. I will post details and address.


Closed with prayer- Pray for country, safe return of Momma’s Boy’s son and my son from trips and for PAX.



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