One year ago, YHC would have never imagined the impact F3 would have on me.  When my M shoulder tapped me after being shoulder tapped herself by Mayhem, I thought the idea of getting up in the gloom to workout was never going to happen.  YHC went to the first workout with a little more than a baker’s dozen of PAX from Washington and the ball started rolling.  Now, after one year, we have come so far.  Many of our PAX have posted over a 100 times in the last year.  We have lost a ton of weight, gained a ton of muscle, enriched our minds and souls and have been transformed from sad clowns to HIMs.  From F3 Washington to F3 ENC and F3 Nation, thank you for this wonderful gift.

Warm Up


SSH – 15 IC

Don Quixote’s – 10 IC

Good Mornings – 15 IC

Deconstructed Burpees – 15 IC

Deconstructed Burpees IC – Squats,Leg Thrusts, Merkins, Jump Squats 5 each

The Thang

Spit into three groups and rotate through each AO

Shipyard – led by Flo

DIMS – perform 1st exercise at  1st light pole, 2nd exercise at 2nd light pole, so on so forth the entire length of the waterfront

Rinse and Repeat with 3 reps per exercise at each light pole

Courthouse – led by Momma’s Boy

Four Corners – AMRAP

Run the courthouse steps to first corner – 10 jump squats

Crab walk to next corner – 10 crab cakes

Bear crawl to next corner – 10 merkins

Zombie walk to last corner – 10 jump lunges

Church lot – led by Duct Tape AMRAP

Flip Fred (giant tractor tire #1)

Jump through Fred

Bear crawl to concrete blocks

Squat, curl and overhead press each block in your row

Run to Wima (giant tractor tire #2)

Rinse and repeat starting with Wilmas


YHC was humbled by the turnout and thankful for all of the efforts by the Washington PAX to put this together.  I did nothing but shoulder tap people and they made it happen.  Tclaps to Largemouth, Novacaine, Bob the Builder and Bambi for all they did to provide the coffee, H2O and King Chicken cheese biscuits.  Thanks again for all that came to celebrate with us!

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