Brief discussion about the importance of form, that good form should be the norm :), and explanation that many of the exercises chosen for today were chosen to emphasize form.

Warm-up: Slaughter Starter with promise of no more burpees (20 OYO burpees)

Mosey to Gaylord’s ledge and teach Wurpee-ups (FORM)

1 Wurpee-up (Squat, break fall, WW2 sit-up, return to Squat position, jump and grab ledge, pull-up)

Mosey to first bench

10 Hydraulic Squats

Mosey back to Gaylord’s Ledge

2 Wurpee-ups

Mosey to second bench

9 Hydraulic Squats

You know the drill


Mosey to Court House steps & Partner-up

Partner 1 AMRAP Merkins (Remember FORM)

Partner 2 Cinder Block over stairs and back


Complete for 10 minutes to Andrew Peterson’s “Don’t You Want to Thank Someone”


Doracide 1,2,3 (modified to 1,1,1, for time purposes)

100 Sphinx Merkins

100 Box Jumps

100 Dips


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