YHC educated some HIM on the game of baseball, America’s past time. After the Lord’s Prayer, we warmed up with slow Good Mornings, Sun Goddesses, quad stretches, and then took a Home Run Trot around the “bases” set up at Festival Park.  The Home Run Trot is a great warm up, as the cadence is slow and deliberate.

We then proceeded into one of my favorites, the 7 of Diamonds, using the makeshift baseball diamond heretofore described. At each base, we performed: 7 burpees, 14 flutter kicks, 21 tricep dips, 28 squats, 21 imperial walkers, 14 merkins, and finally 7 WWIIs.  Side note: Burt did a masterful job of convincing a potential FNG to join us just prior to the 7 of Diamonds. He walked up to our group just as we began the first leg by doing 7 burpees. He immediately turned and went back to his walk down the Parkway. Note to self: start with SSHs next time!

Now that we had worked up a good sweat, we slowly moseyed to Water Street and formed two single file lines of 6 people per line. We began a slow mosey down Stewart Parkway, tossing a baseball from one side to the other as we remained 8-10 feet apart. (In my college days we did this along the warning track in the outfield). If the ball were dropped, we all dropped for a burpie. This continued to the end of the parkway, where we all did 15 derkins and 15 Wheezy Jeffersons. Another mosey back to the AO, again tossing the baseball. All in all, we dropped the ball 8-10 times. Harder to concentrate when one is tired! That is why a good basketball player practices free throws at the end of practice, not at the beginning!

Now it was tiime to hit for the cycle-YHC explained to some that did not know what this term meant, and then they learned it first hand. We “hit a single” by sprinting to first base, then dropping for 10 merkins; mosey back to home plate (gazebo). Next we hit a double by sprinting to second base, then completing 20 SSHs; mosey back to home. We hit a “3 bagger, aka triple,” by sprinting to third, then performing 30 Freddie Mercury’s; lastly, YHC explained that our home run must be an inside the park home run as we are sprinting, not trotting; after running the bases, we crossed home plate and held plank for a 40 count.

YHC had to improvise next given the extra time that remained. I demonstrated the “delayed steal” for the PAX, which we all did together from first to second, and then second to third base. Lastly, I explained the “squeeze play” and we all sprinted from third to home.

We then completed one rep of Bear Crawl + Ring of Fire, and then Mary followed.  Count O Rama, Name O Rama (great Double D impersonation by Dirtbag), followed by COT.

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