Nice windy morning.  PAX rolling in with no minutes to spare.

Warm up

Don Quixote  10 IC

Merkins 10 IC

Sumo Squats 10 IC

Indian Run around the boardwalk

The Thang

Humpty Dance down the boardwalk (so embarrassing)  Stop at each bench and alternate 10 monkey humpers then 10 sky humpers (pickle pumpers)

Mosey to the brick wall

10 face melters OYO, 10 commandos OYO

10 box squats to an irkin OYO

10 sets (4 toe taps to a squat)

Mosey to the ally by Grub’s

Nose to Toes (walk backwards up the wall then back down) add a burpee 10 OYO

Mosey to the courthouse

D-Block (run up courthouse steps and down to corner 10 squats, crab walk down side then 10 crab cakes, bear crawl down the backside then 10 merkins, zombie walk down the side then 10 jump lunges)

Mosey to Gaylords ledge (hang to a pull up rest in between) 10 IC


Pray for Gaylord’s Wife’s Grandmother, Pray for Matlocks Mom, Pray for Duct Tape’s family (lost Uncle), Pray for Sawl (lost father)

F3 and FIA Oyster Roast Nov 10 at Flo and Derby’s house

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