To begin I usually work up a pretty good winkie and think about it for several days before I know that I am going to Q but today I decided just to wing it and see what happens and adjust on the fly.  At 5 mins till 7 there were only 5 of the PAX that were present and within seconds it was like the flood gates opened and we jumped up to 16 total.  Great way to start the day with a good group of men.

To start the warm up – all in cadence – SSH, Good Mornings, Tempo Merkins

After a short mosey over to the Wells Fargo downtown we started the beat down with the Peoples Chair.  We lined up on the wall and YHC instructed the group that one person was going to run around the bank and once they returned everyone would perform a burpee together then the next guy would take off.  16 burpees later we made our way over to the courthouse to perform what I’ll call “Stair Bears”.  The group broke apart into two groups one on each side of the large set of steps and they were instructed to bear crawl to the top of the steps and once at the top 2 burpees had to be done before they returned to the bottom of the steps.  This was rinsed and repeated 10 times.  Now it was time to make it over to the Methodist Church down the street and their big parking lot.  Upon arrival the PAX was broken into 4 groups of 4, group 1 – Squats, group 2 – Planks, group 3 – 6 inches, and group 4 – suicides down the parking lot lines.  Each group got their turn at each station then we performed a modified Indian run with a shuffle instead of a run around the large parking lot.  One time around before we mosyed down to the waterfront.  Stealing a exercise from the 3 headed hound we made our way to the dock where the group performed 50 flutter kicks over the water without touching the water.  Since we are now at the wonderful waterfront YHC decided it was time for some zombie walks down the waterfront every 2 light poles followed by 2 light poles of sprints.  We did this until we reached the chamber of commerce which is half way down the boardwalk.  Once we reached their dock we made our way to their gazebo were the PAX paired off and performed each 100 derkins and dips (50 each).  Looking at the clock it was time to make our way back to the flags.  Just because YHC is such a nice Q I didn’t want the group to be doing Mary in the flood infested grass at Festival Park so we made our way up to the large covered gazebo where we finished off the day with 25 IC box cutters and 50 american hammers.

COT, Prayers, Praises, and Announcements followed by a great Coffeteria at Giddy Up.

As always it was a pleasure to Q and can’t wait for the next time.


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