Scotty Moe and I have been working on a a date to Q for a few weeks now, and schedules have not lined up.  We had a date, and we made it happen workout went like this:

Mosey to the track for deck of Death:

I took out all low cards and kept only 7’s and higher.  We did 4 full laps then finished at 7:30 to have more fun.

Exercises were:


Spades- Chil-Cut PP

Diamonds- Diamond Merkins

Clubs- Plyo-Squats

Mosey to rock pile for 3 rounds of T-Cup Challenge and Push Press and Curls.

Mosey down main street stopping for burpees, Mule Kicks, Plank-Jacks.

Finish at the flag.

Prayer Requests:

Scotty Moe and continued prayers for his family.

Praise- My dad finally sold his house.


It was a soggy, wet morning, but I was thankful to make it out to Farmville.  Scotty and I ran beforehand so the nipples were hurting quite a bit.  I hope you guys still played soccer!


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