After 3 or less Pax posting over the last week, 7 men showed up, 3 for EC ruck.


20 overhead claps

20 hallelujahs

20 front arm claps

20 merkins

The Thang:

Rockpile – 7,7,7 curls for the girls.  Rock over head while walking the bus ramp.  20 chest rows with the rock.  20 squats with the rock. 20 tricep extensions with rock.

Sprint to the High School and get a sand bag donated by Pitt County Schools.  Circle up and the PAX will perform an AMRP exercise while one sprints to the end of the parking lot with sand bag in hand and back.  Rinse and repeat until everyone has gone twice.

YHC had to go to work so the torch was passed to Scotty Moe.  15 burpees, jog 2 miles in town, 15 burpess.


COT: Unspoken request, PAX traveling.

Announcements: POST or there will be no F3 Farmville.

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