5 PAX gathered in the gloom to salute the service of US NAVY Lt. Michael McGreevy 30, of Portville, NY. He was KIA June 28, 2005 when his MH-87 Chinook helicopter was shot down in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan. This workout was named in his honor:

Warmup: Seal Jacks, Good Mornings, Don Quixote’s.


  • MICHAEL: run 800 meters, 50 back extensions (we did superman’s) & 50 sit-ups (choose either WW1 or WW2). Complete 3 rounds as a group.
  • After this is when the rain really started coming down in the village.
  • next we moseyed to the rock pile for Super 7’s, overhead press, tricep extensions, rocktanamo (hold rock out front and each pax goes around and pushes other pax rocks down like guantanamo) rock rows and bus drivers.

Mary: We ended by going around and each pax picking a mary.





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