Warm Up

  • High Knees, Plank Jacks, Don Quiote (X15, IC), Circle of Merkins


  • Mosey to the middle school rectangle lot for 4 corners with Erkins, American Hammers, Squats, Mountain Climbers (10, 15, 20, 25). R&R but backwards.
  • Mosey to the rock pile for Curls for the Girls, Overhead Press, American Hammers X10 with rotations around rocks.
  • Rock carry to island of love for flutterkicks, dips, and foot release squats with rocks. X15 each IC.
  • Rock carry back to deposit.
  • Stop by bleachers at softball field for clorox merkins and pistol squats X15 IC.
  • Mosey to the bus circle for mule kicks, fire hydrants, balls to the wall, and wall sits alternating through these while each PAX member ran a lap around bus circle.
  • Assorted Mary

Prayer Requests: Scotty Moe’s Family, Jackpot’s Brother, Alfred the Butler’s job

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