31 Degrees didn’t keep these folks from playing ULTIMATE FOOTBALL. Why heck, some clothing even was shed as we worked up ‘leakage’. We began with our Pledge of Allegiance!!! And if I kept score correctly we all won. The only ugly words said that I heard came from some of us when we didn’t catch the ball. Biletnikoff (AKA-PATCH-RESPECT) had at least 2 sliding TD’s; (not bad for a LB). Stabler (AKA-SLIM JIM) brought some glorious passes back in the mix. Best dressed had to be Baby Croc and Novocaine. Whoever scored would do 5 of an exercise and the other would do 10 of the called exercise.  Best Mentions:  Haavard, Cousin It, Strokes, Abu, YHC. BTW: teams were as the Title reflects, LOL………………….

YHC prayed us out: Healing process for my niece Jaime from double mastectomy; Baby Croc’s Pawpaw in the hospital; Real issues of anxiety and depression with our young people; Our Nation; The Church.

Until next Year!!!



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