62 degrees on February morning, about as good weather as you could ask for….. Great morning to post and 13 PAX did exactly that at WSS.  This was my first Q at Westside, its a great site and its only 4 minutes from my house which is even better.  I saw Patch on Twitter saying Brandon Hodges was a HC for the workout, i know Brandon very well, have gone to church with him for years and he and his wife taught my daughters Sunday school class a couple of years ago.  Really awesome to see Brandon out posting, he has been through a lot and it is great to see what the Lord has done in healing for him!

-Disclaimer Given


*SSH x15 IC

*Good Mornings x15 IC

*High Knees x15 IC

*Mountain Climbers x15 IC


-Started with indian run lap around Peoples Baptist Church…

–Moseyed to the back corner to start a ladder exercises…. Maybe Fruity will name it the “Westside Ladder” for future reference.

* Flutter Kicks x 10 IC, moseyed to next corner of the church,

* WWI’s x 20 IC, moseyed to next corner of church,

*Squats x 30 IC, moseyed to last corner,

*Little Baby Crunches x 40 IC,  moseyed to the next corner and paused at the top of the ladder

*40 seconds of Planking, back down the ladder at each corner, etc…

*Squats x 30 IC

*WWI’s x 20 IC

*Flutter Kicks x 10 IC

-Mosey to back of church… continue with ladder theme.  Began Santa’s Ladder (yes, look in the Exicon, it is there…) Start point back of the church, destination point across the parking lot by sidewalk/grass.  Two medians to traverse.

*run to destination point, 10 burpees, back to start point 9 burpees, 8, 7, 6, etc…..  at on 5 Ladder begin Merkins down to 1.  In the exicon, you start over, reverse and start 10-6 merkins, 5-1 Burpees.  We started to run out of time so we modified and began cool down lap….

—-Ran one lap around the church for a cool down lap and Moseyed back to the shovel flag area…

*6 MOM



*Injured PAX

*Sap Sucker’s Family member


*Convergence Anniversary 2/16/18 – POST!!!


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