A couple of weeks ago Fruity pebbles messaged YHC about a Q swap. Well to make it interesting YHC had never posted at West side story. Of course the answer was yes. So I had to take a scouting trip after work. I had a few ideas but nailed it down to this.

Warm Up:

Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC

Cherry pickers x 15 IC

don Quixote x 10 IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

The Thang:

All pax mosey over to my truck and grab a brick (2 pavers wrapped in duct tape ~10 lbs each. Pax then indian run 2/3 of the way around the church/school. Pax were then stopped for a modified jack webb with donkey kicks and alternating shoulder taps. Pax then moved to the intersection between the church and school for four corners ascending reps (5-10-15-20)

1st corner: Burpees

2nd corner: Merkins

3rd Corner: Plank Jacks

4th Corner: Mountain Climbers

Apparently this is where it was called “stand around for the 6”

Repeat four corners with

1st Corner: Alternating lunges (2 is 1)

2nd Corner: Smurf Jacks

3rd Corner: Squats

4th Corner: Monkey Humpers

Mosey to the shed and partner up (audible here as this was planned on the side of the building however I didn’t want a brick to damage the wall so YHC chose the shed) Partner A takes both bricks.

Partner A: Dodo Bird in cadence x 10

Partner B: 4 x 4’s

Flap jack

2nd round

Partner A: lateral raises in cadence x 10

Partner B: 4 x 4’s

Flap Jack

Recover and mosey to the soccer field and line up on the end line for suicides to the cones with ascending number of a prescribed exercise at each cone ( YHC thought he place 6 cones but only place 5 my mistake).

First round Merkins

Lt. Get up to the opposite end

2nd Round Jump Squats

Lt Get Up to the opposite end

3rd Round WW1 situps

Pax were then told to line up at double arm interval facing the sideline. This was apparently rocket science but after a few moments the pax got it. then pax were instructed to plank up and pax would then run from one end to the other over the other pax till reaching the center of the soccer field. This would be repeated going back to the end line but with an alternating over under pattern. Once reaching the end line pax were instructed to return their bricks to YHC’s truck and circle up for mary.


flutter kicks x 30 IC

Hello Dolly’s x 20 IC

LBC x 20 IC

And of course Hillbillies x 20 IC

6:15 Hard stop



Prayer Requests:

Good turnout at coopstrong and safety for competition

YHC’s grandmother in hospital

Spinal Tap’s family and mother in law (dementia and alzheimers)

Shooting victims in New Zealand

Easy Rider’s boss family and sister and husband



CoopStrong convergence 7:15 at The School Yard

Lunch today a Zaxby’s at Bells Fork

Tonka has the Q next week at West Side Story


This was YHC’s first post at Westside due to location and my work schedule. Well after today I kind of regret that being the case. There were a few pax that I hadn’t met that were here and this is a great site with lots of options. I don’t know how soon it will be but I will be posting again at Westside.

Additionally, YHC brought out the bricks this morning as not only a way to make the workout harder but to symbolize the burdens that we all bear. Now we all have burdens that may or may not be visible. And just through periods of the workout today we were able to see that the exercise was less taxing when we put down our bricks and relieved ourselves of that extra load. This carries over into our everyday lives. If we can turn our burdens over to God it will take a weight off of our shoulders and make life’s every day challenges less daunting.

Good work this morning men. Until next time. Ma Bell out!

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