James chapter 4 and 14 speaks how our lives are like a vapor and then it is gone. I Corinthians 15 and 52 speaks of how in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet….we will be changed. Amen!
I appreciate F3. On the cusp of another year we continue meeting in the gloom. We have 45 minutes that we invest either in ourselves, others or both. Nelson Cooper, Papa Smurf was inspirational in many a way. A kind word of encouragement goes a long way. Nelson said, “Know that your life matters to many, so do good work, laugh everyday, and press on!”
Jesus when on earth had 3 closest to Him, Peter, James and John. Who are you close with? If no one, then what can be done about it? We are worth it. Pushing the ROCK is an analogy found in the realm of F3; (It is found in “FREED TO LEAD”). Are you in a sifter being turned? A cool thing about this is a sifter doesn’t have to go away (the men who invest in your life and ask those hard questions). We all carry something, at times alone; other times help is there (There can be with and from men of F3ENC).

These colors don’t run. We got stronger today. 3 were about EC rucking: CC, Patch, Fruity. Soft Shell is a man of his word as he was encouraged to post and did so at the beginning of the 5:30 bell.

Stretched, monkey humper style, then to the left, down the right and middle. Good mornings and reminding how cadence must match a movement. Single stance SSH.

The Thang: 1 squatted with 50 lb bucket. 2 squatted while doing hallelujahs. 1 flipped a 150 lb tire 10 times in a direction then back 10 times. We rotated at the end of the tire flipper. “Quads are screaming. Damn”. We each completed 2 rounds.

WWII’s and WWI’s complemented by Futter Kix and Hip Thrusters. “Where is Quick Lube when needed”? Rotated again.

Jack Knife Webbs: station (1)  – 30 lb Kettle  Bell; station (2) – 2 15 lb dumbells; station (3) -2 – 8 lb dumbells; station (4)2 – 5 lb dumbells (were used and we rotated after a set of 5 Hallelujahs up to 50 Hallelujahs) Stretch way on high to loosen ‘da blood. [this is a bitch. Say it ain’t so and do them then, aye?]

Hip Thrusters and Flutters to rest. Side Planks and Regular to round out the gloom.

Moleskin: I am reminded that we do not have to come to the gloom. It can bother men if someone corrects them on how they are doing something wrong or not with proper form. Encourage others that they showed. Thank them. Spend time with them. Kinda like a dog, if always correcting, it is no fun and with parenting. Have fun encourage someone.

Praying about: Patch’s ‘M’ and 2.0. Good decisions by our teens and protection. Our Nation, leaders, defenders, protectors, healers, ‘bandagers when skint or wounded’. Injured recovering PAX. Head locking ppl, those ‘Sad Clowns’.

Thanks again Fruity Pebbles!!!



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