YHC got Fruity Pebbles to come Q in the village. In return YHC told Fruity he would come Q at the West Side. Has been great seeing the Westside thriving again! YHC attended a 12 days of xmas workout last year and really enjoyed it. The workout went something like this.


  • plank merkins (100)
  • end of warm-up

The Thang

We would do xmas day countdown from 12 to 1 with running the AO corners after each set. Corner counts would go 1-2-3-2-1 and repeat until all days are covered. All Pax members got to sing and call out exercises, some were more festive than others!

12- SSH (IC) 11- Hallelujahs (IC) 10- LBC’s (IC) 9- Squats (IC) 8- Flutter Kicks (IC) 7- Plank Jacks (IC) 6-Crab Cakes (IC) 5- Merkins (IC) 4- Turkish Get Ups (IC) 3- Burpees (Oyo) 2- Catalina Wine Mixers (IC) and ONEEEEEEE Indian Run to the flag! Finished right at 6:15.


  • Patch’s Daughter with college guidance
  • String’s mom   
  • Cousin It safe travel tomorrow to Florida
  • Injured Pax
  • First Born Feeding tomorrow in Grimesland, contact Hot Spot.
  • MaBell 116 tomorrow and Aquaman at WS next friday.


Love coming back to the Westside, always good to make the shortest trip to Greenville and to see the numbers getting back to where they were. Thank you Fruity Pebbles for giving me the chance to Q and for being a great site Q for this AO! Sorry to the PAX members for how wet we got but thank you for coming out! Until next time.

– Scotty Moe

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