When a brother needs a hand, two men step up. Tonka originally had the Q this morning, but had to post at work at 0600. So, out from his ShieldLock, String Bean and Bono stepped up and figured out this little diddie that 10 studs took part in. Here’s how it all went down.

The Thang -Bono started things off. Sometimes when a surprise hits you it’s best to get it over with, like pulling a band aid off a hairy leg. Sometimes it’s better if you partake of some “Good Ol’ Mt Dew” picked on a ol’ Banjo. We started with 10 burpees and kept going down in a reverse ladder til the surprise at the end. That’s called an encore. Just remember, burpees are like life, you fall down, you get back up. At least that is what Jocko says.

Strings portion of The Thang: (You know that brother is going to hit you with a ladder every time he Qs, just like Bono is gonna do burpees.)

Wimpy Leg Ladder

Partner Up!

Hit each corner of the building then back to flag totaling 5 rounds.

5-10-15-10-5 reps of Wimpy Legs for each PAX while your partner AMRAPs the PAX choice Mary.

Wimpy Leg circuit: Jump squats, Jump Lunges, Mule Kicks

Then Bono took back over for a little arm/shoulder work. You know balance is key fellas. We kept the partners and used one partner running to the end of the parking lot as a timer. The other did various merkins, including: merkins, wide arm merkins, and ranger merkins. Sometime during this round we had a little merlot spilled, but like a champ the stud got up, licked his lips and finished the exercise.

String Bean wanted to finish the last 6 min with PAX Choice Mary: LBC’s, J-Lo’s, Flutter Kicks, V-Ups, WW2’s

COT/BOM: Prayers for Pied Piper’s recovery and for Dawn and the kids going through exams, while he is recovering. String Bean’s bride, Sarah is recovering from a nasty cold. Prayers for Patch’s daughter. Grammar’s Father in Law. Warthogs Mother in Law is recovering from colon cancer.

Bono’s Moleskin:

So last night sucked. My insulin pump was knocked out while I was robbing the grocery store – well, they took my money, so it only felt like I was robbed. About 11:00 the signs were off and a blood sugar of 400 is not pleasant. Lips, fingers, and feet were tingling like YHC was kissing an electric socket. Sent String Bean a message to give him a heads up – switched my pump and set the alarm to get up in 2 hrs. By the time YHC got to Westside things were back right, but it was the accountability and need to be present for brothers that got YHC out of the fartsack this morning. Thank you gentlemen.

String’s portion of the Moleskin:

Firstly- a shout out goes out to Fruity Pebbles, Site Q of #WestSideStory

FP does a great job of promoting the site, encouraging the PAX during the workout, and makes everyone feel welcome! Blessed to call you a brother, FP! Truly an honor to Co-Q at this awesome AO!

Secondly- it’s always great to experience a Bono Q. He is a teacher at heart, and loves to challenge the PAX to think deep while always creating an element of surprise. TCLAPS to the Scholarly Doctor Bono!

Thirdly- Welcome Warthog! YHC just met the Hog for the first time yesterday. Easiest Headlocking HC to date. Told him about F3 and he said “I’m in” Make sure to get to know Warthog when you see him. Awesome guy. Welcome to the brotherhood!

-StringBean Out

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