YHC, Pebbles, Patch and Just the Tip got in a little EC Ruck action at 0440. Got back to the flag at 0530 to see a total of 12 PAX ready to take part in Day 3. Disclaimer given and we were off…

Warm Up
Good Mornings x11 IC
SSH x11 IC
Michael Phelps x11 IC
Butt Kickers x11 IC
One Burpee
The Thang
Moseyed over to the baseball field. Now all PAX know that if they’re coming to a Stabler Q, bearcrawls will be involved so YHC decided to knock that out first with a little bearcrawl baseball! Start at home plate, bear crawl to 1st Base for 10 merkins. Bear crawl to 2nd Base for 10 ranger merkins. Bear crawl to 3rd Base for 10 GOOOOOODDDDDD merkins (super wide arm merkins). Bear crawl home for 10 Catalina Wine Mixers.
Staying on the baseball field, PAX would partner up. Partner 1 would perform the People’s Chair while Partner B backpeddeled to the could pole and run back. Partners would flapjack. Next round was the same drill, but this time they would perform BTTW.
Moseyed over to the buildings for a little 4 corners fun. First corner, perform 10 diamond merkins. Run to second corner and perform 20 Carolina Dry Docks. Karaoke to third corner and perform 30 jump squats. Run to corner 4 and perform 40 lunges (one is one). Karaoke back to starting point
Moseyed to the grassy area behind the flag for a little relay race fun. Chose two captains; Patch and Pebbles. And surprise, surprise… a bearcrawl relay race. Bearcrawl roughly 40 yards to the kettlebell. At the kettlebell, perform 10 overhead presses then bearcrawl back to your team. First team that has all members finish wins. Losing team- 10 burpees. Team Fruity took the “L” like Portland did last night and did their burpees while Team Patch enjoyed the Poolside Possum.
Moseyed to the soccer field for a round of 7s (width of the field) One side, Clorox merkins and the other side, Erkins (using team bench)
Back to the flag for a few rounds of Mary;
Flutter Kicks- Italian Stallion
LBCs- Deep Dish
Fruity Mercuries- Fruity Pebbles
Box Cutters- JTT
Count O Rama and Name O Rama
Prayer Requests
The Furlough Family
Abu’s Dad
Duff’s family
Wainwright Family
Injured PAX
Cold-Cut’s son
Those deployed
Those ruckers going up to DC for the Star Course
Patch’s 2.0
Captain Obvious’ mother
Our Nation
Stabler has the Q at #116 on Saturday
Sasquatch coming July 27th. Sign Up
F3ENC shirt order closes the 19th
Lunch at ShoGun today at 11:45
Fruity has the Q Monday at the Collard Patch
Great push by all the PAX today at #WestSide. The Stabler Trifecta brought out a total of 36 PAX over the course of the 3 days and 6 PAX completed the challenge by posting all 3 days; Patch, Fruity, Cold-Cut, Pulp, Italian Stallion and Just the Tip. These #HIM were awarded with some brews (well root beer for Patch). Hopefully when they crack it open later this evening, they will think of the beatdowns they all received during the Stabler Trifecta! Congrats to these guys for answering the call! Until next time…
Stabler Out
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