What an interesting group this morning.  We had several guys that EC Rucked.  Once we got through all of the whining about Abu’s beatdown at The Clydesdales on Thursday, the whining started about today’s workout.  Whining about the Q’s choices of warmup, cadence, how to start an exercise kept mumblechatter going and we had not even started the work out!  Then, mud and what the exercise was to wait on the 6, and all through the workout, we had whiners.  But, it was really good to have Cheesehead (2.0) make his return.  It was obvious what the name of this work out would be!

Warm Up:

  • 14 Side Straddle hops
  • 14 Good Mornings
  • several butt kickers across the parking lot

The Thang:

Scene 1:

We ran over to the play ground where about half took seats on the swings and the rest found a bar for pull ups.  The work out was prescribed as 11’s of pull ups and swerkins, but most complained about the mud and opted for derkins, or merkins or inclined merkins with the pull ups.  LBC’s for the 6.  Several got tired of that and moved to merkins or planks for the 6.  It was like herding cats at that point.

Scene 2:

We partnered up. Those partners found another couple to double date for this scene.  Couple “A” and Couple “B”

Round 1:

Couple “A” takes a 25# coupon one lap around the church.  Try to pass off to each other at ¼ way around, but go no more than half way without passing.

Couple “B” performs AMRAP 5 hand release burpees and 5 jump squats

Switch roles.

Round 2:

This time the AMRAP  consists of 10 hand release merkins and 10 WW2’s

Round 3:

This time the AMRAP 15 Merkins and 15 LBCs

Round 4:

This time the AMRAP 20 V-Ups and 20 mountain climbers

Finished with about

I thought this would all take about 30 minutes, but with all the whining, we only had about 45 seconds til 6:15.  Still, I had a lot of fun because with all the whining came a lot of laughing in the mumblechatter.


Prayer Requests:  Patch’s daughter has exams and then safe travels back home from Alabama, all the injured pax in F3, Glowworm, Scottie Mo’s grandfather and their family as they deal with his cancer, the family of Allison Blount as they deal with her passing

Announcements:  Lunch at Pop’s today at 11:45am, Bono has the Q at #116 tomorrow, Belding’s victory and farewell tour, Basil’s and the Aquaman movie next Friday night, String Bean and Aquaman have a co-Q at #TheGoodFight next week so there will be lots of laughs with those two, Scottie Mo has the Q at #WestSideStory next week, Whimpy has the Q at #TheCollardPatch on Monday, and Bono has the Q at #TheClydedales next week.

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