• When: 08/25/18
  • QIC: Novocaine

First of all, I want to thank all the PAX who participated in our One Year Anniversary Convergence in Washington yesterday.  It was a great success and celebration of the 3 F’s that we’ve developed over the last year.  Unfortunately, we had one issue with parking where the Washington Harbor District Farmers & Artisans Market usually sets up.  It’s been an ongoing issue, but one that has been on friendly terms, with our PAX always willing to move our vehicles when prompted.  Unfortunately, the Market director chose to behave combatively yesterday, threatening to tow our cars, rather than simply asking us to move.  It’s evident that she has an unfounded low opinion of our group.  Clearly, if she understood that for which we stand, she would not have behaved as she did.

Now, we could continue “business as usual”, or we can seize this opportunity to educate the Market director and the Market participants/patrons on our purpose.  I have a proposal:  let’s start our Saturday workout early next Saturday and finish up as the Market is setting up.  Let’s get as many PAX as we can to stick around and spread the word about F3 through community service.  We could help the vendors unload their wares, hand out biscuits or donuts, etc all while handing out F3 business cards and telling the folks about our group.  It would be an excellent opportunity to headlock some FNGs.  Remember, it may be relative or friend that we educate that may pass the word on to a man in their life in need of F3.  Thoughts?  Other ideas to serve the Market?



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