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Our workouts are open to men of all fitness levels and are organized to keep the entire group together while ensuring a thorough beatdown for all participants. Our model, in which leadership of the workout varies from day to day and week to week, means that workout leaders — “Qs,” in F3 lingo — are constantly introducing new exercises and ways of doing them. Because participants are challenged and pushed in new ways every day, they achieve an all-around fitness that makes F3 guys supremely fit for endurance challenges, including mud runs, obstacle races, triathlons, marathons, long-distance relays, rucks and all manner of other adventure challenges. On Saturday, August 1, 2015 we started a home-grown annual CSAUP called “The Sasquatch.” Check the ENC Directory and Signup for an event! The Nation also has their events out on this calendar!

While the classic F3 workout requires no equipment other than workout clothes, gravity and the great outdoors, our growth has allowed regional leaders to introduce specialized workouts, including bike rides, gear-focused workouts that include kettlebells and other heavy metal, track workouts for runners and trail runs. Check out the Exicon to see an example of some possible exercises.

F3 workouts take place at publicly accessible venues, including parks, school campuses, churches — even in parking lots! Often times we find ourselves out on the roads, we remind all PAX that Safety is First and Highly Recommend the NoxGear Tracer360 Visibility Vest (use code F3NFIA for a 35% discount and free shipping).

And while the vast majority of F3 workouts launch before the sun is up — largely because that’s the time of day when F3 guys can be most certain of being able to control their schedules — often we also offer evening workouts.

Looking for a challenge? Go for #ThePlank 1.0 or 2.0, read the requirements! Washington has #TheAnchor, read the requirements. Does my Extra Credit Count (click on the link to find out)? In 2016, T-Bone learned of an idea from another region while at #DadsCamp. Of course in true F3 Fashion, we implemented it here – Surrender the Booty Flag.

Check the Calendar or Directory for the Q Schedule and #Signup to Q! Table below has list of Workouts and Locations (linked to Google Maps) or Checkout the BIG Map below!

Looking for a workout? Check out our locations below on the map.

Location Workout Title Day of Week Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Town CommonThe Commons Sunday 0600 0700 Run Only The End
H. Boyd Lee ParkBreakdown Monday 0530 0615 Boot Camp Patch
Dowdy Ficklen Stadium - Gate 6/Coop StrongholdM.A.S.H. Monday 0530 0615 Boot Camp Bambino
Ayden District ParkThe Collard Patch Monday 0530 0615 Boot Camp Rafiki
Farmville - Town CommonsThe Doughnut Shop Monday 0530 0615 Ruck Scotty Moe
Washington - WaterfrontThe Brickworks Tuesday 0515 0600 Boot Camp Bambi
Alice Keene ParkRuck Ready Tuesday 0515 0615 Ruck Bearded Jester
Elm Street ParkRun Strong Tuesday 0530 0615 Run Centric Boston Lager
Winterville Recreation ParkThe Sandlot Tuesday 0530 0615 Run Centric Die Hard
Town CommonThe Summit Tuesday 0530 0615 Run Only Nice Body
Dowdy Ficklen Stadium - Gate 6/Coop StrongholdEagles Ridge Tuesday 0530 0615 Boot Camp Cold-Cut
H. Boyd Lee ParkBuild Up Wednesday 0530 0615 Boot Camp Stern
E.B. Aycock Middle SchoolThe School Yard Wednesday 0530 0615 Boot Camp Ma Bell
Farmville Middle SchoolTobacco Road Wednesday 0530 0615 Boot Camp Bad Boy
Washington - WaterfrontThe Ship Yard Thursday 0515 0600 Boot Camp Flo
Paramore ParkThe Good Fight Thursday 0530 0615 Strength Silverback
JH Rose HSThe Rush Thursday 0530 0615 Run Centric Boot Camp Gamecock & Mayhem
Dowdy Ficklen Stadium - Gate 5/Coop StrongholdThe Clydesdales Thursday 0530 0615 Recovery Boot Camp Chimichanga
H. Boyd Lee ParkBlast Off Friday 0530 0615 Boot Camp Hiny
Dowdy Ficklen Stadium - Gate 6/Coop StrongholdFirst Aid Friday 0530 0615 Boot Camp Noonan
People's Baptist Church/GCAWest Side Story Friday 0530 0615 Boot Camp Fruity Pebbles
H. Boyd Lee ParkBoyd Lee Beatdown Saturday 0700 0800 Strength Abu
Third Street Community Center116 Saturday 0700 0800 Ruck Stabler
Washington - Waterfront The Waterfront Saturday 0700 0800 Boot Camp Duct Tape
Farmville Middle SchoolTriple S Saturday 0700 0800 Boot Camp Bartman
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