Mermaid was on the calendar to Q #116 but he had too much saltwater in between his ears and forgot about Saturday. He put in a request to help him out late Friday afternoon and YHC answered the call. Always good to help out a brother but now Mermaid, make sure you get back on the calendar to Q at the #116!

YHC had an idea it was going to be low numbers with the crowd participating in the Star Course up in Charlotte. Given that and the fact that YHC is in the middle of Pathfinder training, my goal was to log some serious miles and take a different route because you can only see the parking garages so many Saturdays.

YHC pulled into the #116 a little before 0600 and was glad to see Skynyrd and Haavaad. Two #HIM and two you can always count on posting on Saturday. Took off on the normal route for EC through downtown, campus, over the overpass and back to the #116 for 3.4 miles.

Figured out it was only us for the workout as well so we took off the opposite direction towards the Health Sciences Campus. Took a stroll around campus, saw where Haavaad and his M lived 30 years ago and then took a quick stroll through the nature trail near the campus while dodging serious goose poop! Headed back to #116 via 5th Street. Took a couple laps around the quad for 3.75miles for a total of 7.15 miles. Not bad for a Saturday morning and nobody ended up with goose poop on their rucking shoes!

Prayer Requests

– For the Darkside Ruckers presently kicking the Star Course’s butt up in Charlotte

– Patch and Doubtfire in boots and all other injured PAX

– Abu’s Dad


– Signup for Sasquatch. Donate water and Gatorade

– Stabler has the Q Monday at #Breakdown. If you bring a case of water that day, YHC will collect and you will do 5 less burpees that day than other PAX

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