YHC has been looking forward to the #116 Q vs Q challenge for awhile now. The Q vs Q was a great idea that started at The Sandlot and has made its way through many of the AOs — YHC figured it was time to bring it to #116 and no better #HIM to have to make history than Mayhem and Noonan. YHC was joined by Dude Perfect, Skynyrd and Haavaad for a little EC ruck and got in a little over 3 miles. Back to the flag about 5min before 7am and were joined by 5 more PAX making the total to witness history 9 PAX. Short intro and disclaimer given to me and we were off to the 4th Street parking garage. Once at the garage, each Q got roughly 16min for their beatdown segment. Once at the garage, Mayhem won the odd/even game and chose to go last so Noonan was up first.

Noonan’s BB
A few weeks back there was some twitter exchanging about who would lead the toughest Q of the day when YHC and Mahyem were on the calendar for the same day at different AO’s. Of course, we all know who had the toughest Q that day…when Stabler noticed the exchanges, he quickly Don King’d the two of us into a QvsQ challenge at 116, a first of its kind. Mayhem and YHC had no choice in the matter so a date was put on the calendar.
Mayhem was ready and we all knew so when he pulled in a few minutes early!!
We made our way from the shovel flag to the 4th street parking deck to complete a partial Ruck Workout known as the PBRC (for F3 purposes we can refer to this beat down as the MBRC)…we didn’t have time to complete the C portion. Mayhem won the toss (on an even number call) and decided to kick the ball first rather than receiving. Knowing what was in store…Noonan was glad Mayhem made that choice cause it was about to go down. We started at the bottom of the parking deck…and it went like this-
We had 9 PAX who were instructed to partner up…Mayhem, Stabler, and YHC made a group of 3 to make the numbers work-
“P” Push Ups (in F3 lexicon “M” is for Merkins) and Plank (rucks on)
Partner A: Max Ruck Push Ups or 20 (whichever comes first)
Mayhem is a push up pro…;)
Partner B: Plank for duration…when A quits then switch
3 Rounds – then farmer carry up two ramps aka 1 level.
“B” is for Burpee and Broad Jumps
Partner A: Ruck Burpees x 10 (rucks on)
Partner B: Broad Jumps (over your ruck) x 10…when both are done, switch.
3 Rounds – then ruck overhead up two ramps aka 1 level.
“R” is for Ruck Ups and Ruck Curls
Partner A: Ruck Ups (Think deadlift to overhead press) x 10
Partner B: Ruck Curls x 15…when both are done, switch.
3 Rounds – Time was called and it was Mayhem’s turn to deliver some pain.
Mayhem’s BB
YHC led the PAX in a shuffle down to the ground floor and instructed everyone to choose a different partner. One partner will Ruck up two ramps to the next level and shuffle back to partner. Partner performed overhead squat press with ruck. Flap jack. Then all PAX ruck to the 2nd level.
At second level we did the same thing except the exercise of choice was overhead weighted sit-ups. After both partners completed, the PAX racked up to the 3rd level.
At the 3rd level, rinse and repeat with overhead squat press one final time while partner rucks and shuffled back. Flap jack, then all PAX ruck to the top level.
YHC offered the PAX the opportunity to jump off the roof OYO to avoid the pain everyone would feel later, but when they asked YHC for a demonstration, I declined and moved on!
The PAX performed a wall sit with ruck in hand extended out for Bus Drivers. The PAX steered left down the line, then back to the right. Rinse and repeat until failure for YHC.
Ruck back up and shuffle all flights down to the ground floor. Had a couple minutes left so we hit the stairwell to the 3rd level with our remaining time.
After Mayhem’s 16min, the PAX rucked back up to #116 where we circled for a few rounds of Mary;
Noonan- Flutter kicks with rucks overhead
Mayhem- WWIIs with rucks overhead
Dude Perfect- More flutter kicks with rucks overhead
Stabler- Windshield wipers with rucks overhead
8am hit and the first ever #116 Q vs Q was in the books
Prayer Requests
– Mayhem’s oldest 2.0, Zack, on his deployment to Syria. Prayers for him and his troop and their safety. Also prayers to Mayhem and his family during this time
– Those injured PAX
– Community service ruck tonight beginning at 7pm. Meet at town commons. Target is lots of paper products and about 3.5 miles
– Elevation ruck tomorrow morning starting at 5am at the ECU football stadium; 1,500 steps is the goal
– No #116 next Saturday as many ruckers will be up in Raleigh at the GoRuck event. Instead, meet at Boyd Lee Park for a little convergence. Bring your ruck and a kettlebell. Back to #116 on May 11th where we’ll have another QvsQ Challenge
– BIG ANNOUNCEMENT… Effective June 1st, Stabler is handing off site Q duties of #116 to Lynyrd Skynyrd. Qs for the entire month of June are filled and YHC is looking forward to what Skynyrd has in store for this site
Mayhem’s Moleskin
Enjoyed this Q v Q with Noonan. Love this AO at 116. What a great way to start your Saturday! Although we were “competing”, Noonan and YHC had a good Tarboro expansion conversation with Big Top on the ruck back to the shovel flag. We’re all on the same team. Give it away Men!
Noonan’s Moleskin
It was an honor to get the chance to lead these men for the first QvsQ at 116. It was even more of honor to do so with Mayhem. Majority of the PAX probably do not know that Mayhem was YHC’s baseball coach in my early teenage years for Wachovia (either Babe Ruth or Sr. Babe Ruth). Coach (Surles) Mayhem has been giving it away for quite a while now and we can all learn something from this HIM. He may not always be early to the workout, but he is always putting himself behind his faith, family, community and much more. I remember one of my first running days after joining F3 back in May last year, we were at @RunStrong, I ran with Mayhem (or I should say Mayhem ran with me) and he stayed with me because I was the 6. I have not and will not forget that day as it taught me so much about what F3 really is all about. No man left behind! This guy has done so much to build up the PAX and to grow the ENC region. He deserves some serious TClaps from us all.
Thank you Mayhem and keep pushing the rock brother!
Stabler’s Moleskin
Had a great time participating in the #116 QvsQ. Both Mayhem and Noonan did an excellent job with their beatdown segment and kept the PAX moving and engaged the entire time. As YHC is coming on his last month as site Q at #116, I’m looking forward to Skynyrd’s leadership and the growth that the site will have will him at the helm. I appreciate Thee Hot Spot offering me with the opportunity to be site Q. Even though having a Saturday AO has its challenges, I feel that #116 is a great site and provides an excellent opportunity for ruckers to get an additional day of rucking in if Tuesdays are hard for them to attend. #116 4-Life 😉 Until next time…
Stabler Out
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