Bench had the original Q but couldn’t make it so YHC took it earlier in the week. Had an idea in place but switched gears and decided to headlock some Kotters instead. Reached back deep into the archives for these Kotters so had no idea who would show… Record numbers at 0600 for EC… a total of 14 PAX, including one of my Kotters, Fertile, and his youngest 2.0 and FNG, Perry (now known as Hercules). Truth be told, the headlock for Fertile came by Hot Shot and Dude Perfect giving a little peer pressure to Perry to join the fun. Got him hooked and Dad had to come! Logged 3.4 miles for EC while keeping close to a 15:07 pace, not bad for 14 PAX. Got back to the flag a few minutes before 0700 for the moment of truth… which other Kotters would show. Pulp and KoolAid pulled into #116 first (check 1), next Chimi pulled in and got a great ovation from the PAX for actually showing (check 2). Now just one Kotter left… Mayhem… who YHC thought would pull into Mayhem Meadows on two wheels at 0705, but he let YHC down and was claimed by the fartsack!

YHC instructed that we would be working in “COVID Friendly” pairs today so everyone picked their partner before the fun began.


Good Mornings x10 IC

Arm Stretches

Arm Circles (front and back) x10 IC

YHC instructed the PAX that we would take the same path that we did for EC with a few stops along the way. Joker knew with who the Q was and informed PAX that they better bring gloves. Some listened to the warning, others didn’t and regretted it later. PAX would ruck their way through Uptown and stopped at the little water retention (pond)/hill on the corner of Cotanche and 5th St. Was hoping for a bit more mud and water but still convinced the PAX to meet in the bottom and partner up. Each PAX would spread out and find a spot at the bottom of the hill. Three rounds; round 1- bear crawl up the hill and crab walk down, round 2- bear crawl up, mosey down, round 3- crab walk up and crawl bear down. Tried convincing PAX for one aqua burpee and got no takers so we were off to the next stop.

PAX made their way through campus. YHC actually had another idea planned for today but when Chimi actually showed up, YHC audibled to introduce him to a #116 favorite… Bear Crawl Wall. At Bear Crawl Wall, PAX would again partner up. Partner 1 took a crawl on the wall while Partner 2 would climb both sets of stairs at the Science and Tech building, run to the other side and then down the stairs to meet their partner. Partners would flapjack. Was hoping for 3 rounds but due to time, PAX got two rounds each on the wall. That wall is a real ass-kicker… lots of sweat was dropped on those bricks, or maybe they were tears.

Getting short on time, YHC had PAX circle-up for a few quick exercises (10 reps each);

Patch- Merkins (ruck on)

Chimi- Overhead Press

Pulp- Curls for the Girls

Fertile- Merkins (ruck off)

Bud-weis-er- Flutter kicks (ruck overhead)

After the exercises, PAX made their way back to #116 (yes a few minutes late) for COT and FNG Naming. Logged 3.3 miles and lots of sweat!

Prayer Requests

  • Noonan and M, birth of new baby girl
  • Grout and Punch Out’s 2.0
  • Candy Cane and his family
  • Bono and his family
  • Chimi’s Aunt (cancer) and prayers that he sells his house fast
  • Prayers and Praise with the 2.0s coming out
  • First responders and our Nation


  • Joker has the Q at BLP Monday
  • Joker has the Q next week at #116
  • Check website


Had to be record attendance numbers at #116 today. Just proves that if you reach out and headlock a bit, folks will come out and post. Truth be told, it is always great to see old faces but also know that we all need F3 in our lives for all the three Fs. So reach out to a brother, get their HC and hold them accountable. Also great to see Bud-weis-er trade his running shoes for a ruck sack. I think we broke that new bag in pretty well! Dude is a runner but is a darn BEAST! Hope to continue seeing him post at these ruck AOs. Haavaad has done a great job getting some good Qs out here and the consistent numbers prove it. Lets focus on reaching out to fellow PAX and get them posting not only at #116 but all the AOs! Until next time…

Stabler Out

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