NoIDeer, Pulp, Stabler, Skynyrd, Bench, Noonan, Grisham, Haavaad and YHC all met up at 0600 for a little 3 mile EC ruck while carrying a loaded cooler for the GoRuck Ruck Club Call Out (although, I’m not sure it will count since we had 9 and the instructions were 8 people per 1 cooler, so we will see! haha)

As we returned back to 116, Padre and Classified joined us to make it a group of 11 for the beatdown. The clock hit 0700, YHC gave the disclaimer, then we started rucking.

Warm Up

None, we just started rucking

Tha Thang

YHC had the idea to try and find some hills for this Q as many of us are training for the Star Course in Charlotte in two weeks, and we will certainly encounter some in Charlotte. YHC texted a couple of runners that typically run in the area and devised a plan.

We made a left out of 116 down 3rd street towards the commons. We encountered our first big hill here. This hill is always no joke, but at least it’s within the first .25 miles. Next we made a left on Pitt St down to the SECU parking lot and then made a right to go though the parking lot. Then we crossed Greene St and made it to the path at the commons and we along the outside path back to 1st st. Once on 1st st, we made out way down to Summit St and made a right, then made a right on 2nd st and went down to the dead end. YHC ordered the PAX to circle up at this point.

We partnered up for a little PT and hills. Partner 1 would take off and shuffle/ruck to the intersection of 2nd and Summit and then come back to the dead end (most elected to just ruck at a quick pace and did not shuffle), while partner 2 did as many rounds as possible of 10 merkins followed by 10 squats. Once partner 1 returned, we flapjacked. Repeated this for a total of 2 rounds.

After the 2 rounds, we set off again to return to 116, via Summit St to 3rd St.



Prayer Requests/Praises

  • Graduates from the weekend
  • Stabler’s M was in a wreck, no major injuries, but trying to get over that mental hurdle of getting back in the car
  • Injured PAX


  • SASQUATCH – SIGN UP – RUN, RUCK, or SUPPORT TEAM, something for everyone!
  • YHC has the Q at Ruck Ready on Tuesday
  • Tonka has the Q at Clydesales
  • Slim Jim has the Q at First Aid
  • Cold Cut has the Q at 116 next week
  • Lunch is somewhere on Tuesday, check twitter
  • Sign up for BRR. Guys are looking to form another team and are looking for around 4 guys to join


YHC was glad to see Noonan and Grisham alter their plans a little to make it out to 116. They were doing a marathon ruck and started at 0400. I mentioned that we would be doing mostly mileage, so they decided to join up with us for EC and the workout to make the time/miles go by quicker. It was also awesome to see Pulp and Classified make it out to 116! Both guys pushed real hard today, and are definitely ready to sign up to ruck the Sasquatch! Thanks to Skynyrd for the opportunity to lead. Until next time…

Chimi Out!

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