Francis Chan BASIC Series (DVD and Discussion)

Session 2 – 6/20/2017: Follow Jesus

Disclaimer: I am not a professional… or a biblical scholar/theologian. We will play it straight defaulting to the basic Bible text. Leave no man behind…. Respect each other; everyone is at their own place on this journey and in developing the Third F (Faith).

Goal: Understand biblical principles and apply them

Warm Up: Welcome, Introductions, and Brief Overview of the Francis Chan BASIC DVD Series and Review of Session 1 (Fear God)

The Thang:

DVD Clip (Francis Chan) – See embedded URL

• Explored the idea of what it means to “follow Jesus” looking at specific versus of instruction in the New Testament

• Discussed what the word “church” really means (group of Christ-followers rather than an actual building/structure)

• Talked about reasons to follow Jesus and the problem of TALKING about obeying Jesus’ commands versus actually obeying

Wrap Up:

Next Week: Will shift to THURSDAY NIGHTS for next two weeks because of YHC being downrange on a work trip and the July 4th holiday.  Session 3, Holy Spirit

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