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RuckIT 2/26

Warmed up today and the crew picked up the pace and managed a solid 4.0 miles in a foggy muggy day.

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RuckIT 2/19

Wet start to the day but got warmed up as we got to the mosey. Stayed we but still managed a solid 3.6 miles in the rain.

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Tour around the Stadium

Warm up- Stretches, SSHx20, Merkins x15, arm circles 7s at the stairs. burpees at the bottom, jump squats at the top mosey to playground. 3 rounds of pull upsx5, merkinsx10, Irkinsx10, derkinsx10. mosey to tennis courts 4 corners. LBCsx40, WW2sx20, flutter kicksx20 4...

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A.M. Pub Run

YHC has been really enjoying the evening Pub Runs: Mpourium Monday night, Nauti Dog Monday night, Uptown Brewery Wednesday night.  So why not have one at 0530??? Because none are open that's why.  However there were still miles to be ran and run we did. Route:...

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Spinal Conditioning

11 PAX showed up for some spinal conditioning, at THE GOOD FIGHT today and here is how it went down. Warm Up SSH  –  20 Burpees – 10 Good Mornings – 20 Burpees – 10 Squats – 20 PAX mosey up to the light near Tapped and then back to shelter. Start Kettle Bell rounds...

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Spring Training with Pre Madonna

Warm Up:  1 burpee for fun since FNG Tyler was late; 15 SSH; 15 MC; 15 High Knees   The Thang: Mosey to one of the softball fields for some Spring Training.   First up was line up against the fence and count off as a one or a three and then report to...

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Italian Stallion’s Manniversary

Disclaimer given plus additional motivation quote: "The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna...

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Snow Angels with Rucks

We started with a welcome party that consisted of the pledge of allegiance, 15 good mornings IC, 15 side straddle hops IC, 6 burpees OYO jumping ruck between each and bear crawls across the lawn. After the welcome party we set out for some miles with 2 60lb sandbags...

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Calling Mike Oxbig

YHC took the short trip to Farmville to Q at tobacco road. Bartman and Scotty Moe met for EC Ruck 0530 - Pledge of Allegiance 10 SSH IC 10 Good Mornings IC 50 circle merkins Mosey to the rock pile Super set curls for the girls (7’s) and 21 OH tricep extension and...

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