• Intro to Festivus which is official on December 23rd (also Grammar’s birthday!)
  • The festivus pole was set.
  • Disclaimer by Grammar.
  • Prep for airing of grievances by Bono
    • “I got a lot of problems with you people and know you are going to hear about it!”
    • We are not strong enough; not prepped for overhead work; we have little runner arms(Bono for sure); to many are just strolling with a backpack. That is not Rucking!



Low/Slow Squats

5 Burpees

10 Miracle Burpees (Burpee-Snatch) 1st feat of strength!

20 Push Press

10 Squats

20 Thrusters

20 Miracle Merkins (Hand on KB) 2nd feat of strength!

20 Swings

20 WW1’s ruck on feet (The GrowRuck Standard)

10 Miracle Merkin Rows (3rd feat of strength)


  • Find a partner
  • OH Ruck carry to far side of lot; if you stop or drop weight to head or lower = 5 team burpee’s
  • OH KB carry w/Ruck: same consequence with a bonus set of burpees 1/2 way.

Prayer Requests:

Tragedy in Wisconsin.

Injured PAX

Thanksgiving upcoming, lots to be thankful for!

Part of F3 is making sure the workouts are both tough and a little like Adult Recess. Today was about making something stupid, like Festivus, into something fun. We laughed while struggling through “Feats of Strength”. We laughed while “Airing Grievances”, like Bono made us do burpees even though we didn’t lower our Kettlebell. Bono says Tough Titties. Get over it and get stronger. YHC was glad and proud to see so many PAX holding their ruck overhead like Patch during the Name-o-Rama.

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