Arrived to Q YHC 5 year anniversary at blastoff. Cousteau already circling the park with a gigantic burden on his back. OG pax and others roll in. Told pax we do not stretch or warm up so be ready at 0530. Here is what happened


Indian run to roundabout the to the large new lake in dirt parking lot detoured to concrete loop. Stop and space formerly occupied by outdoor gym equipment. Partner up and did some running and squatting with partner you did not know 5 years ago. LT Dans 1:4 squat to lunge each leg increasing to 10:40 then mosey to Mt Mellow Johnny. Ask an OG if you are not aware of the geography. At the mount we did a bunch of step ups and Irkins with multiple pax leading cadence. Mosey to Mount Boyd Lee. Same note about geography. Pick new partner and one runs to fire hydrant while other bear crawls around traffic circle. Tag and reverse.  Reverse Lt Dans 1 lunge each legs to 4 squats increasing until you reach last handicapped parking sign then mosey to shelter. At shelter we did a whole lot of leg, lung and arm work. Super step ups and over, step ups, super step ups, one leg squats, regular squats, dip, derkins, irkins, flutter kicks and a bunch of other totally cool moves. Jailbreak to flag . First one there to Pete Rose into shovel flag. Pete was a no show. Bono and Duff lead Mary to finish.


Tremendous time with great group of pax for my 5 year anniversary. I have made lifelong relationships and been through major life events with guys I otherwise would not have know.

Prayers for my mom, Duff’s wife ( possible FLU). Shrimp Dad. Praises for Cousteau making it as a Navy Diver, Kingpin son F3Gilligan for getting in Campbell Law School. Special prayers for Splinter and his M. YHC prayed us out.

As I mentioned in COT let’s be encouragement to each other and to all we come in contact with. Do not let the worries and issues of the world, politics, etc. overflow into our AO’s, social media and relationships.

Romans 12:18 So far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.

1 Thessalonians 4:11 and to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs…

Much love to all the pax. Chuck

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