First time ever at BLP on a Friday…. Usually keep it on the West Side.

Got an FNG from work to show, welcome Rubber Duckie.

Did really heavy on the upper body PT.  Gotta get ready if I want to ever go back to Kettlebells.

Did some rockpile rotations – Curls, Triceps Extensions and Overhead Press. Three rotations.

Indian run to the pull-up bars.

Dora with  pull-ups, merkins and flutterkicks.

1/16 of a mile of lunges. More Merkins, Planks and Catalina Wine mixers.

Head to the wall for some high knees and peoples chair.

Back to the flag for Mary and it’s a wrap.

Our FNG spoke about how welcoming everyone was….that is what F3 is all about. I still remember my first post over two years ago.  I was nervous but five minutes in I felt like one of the guys.  Sure the 38 pounds I have dropped is nice but the relationships are what keep me coming back.  Till the gloom.

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