Madoff contacted YHC and shoulder tapped him to Q Blastoff. YHC had an idea to swap Qs and have Madoff Q Breakdown on the following Monday. And thus, the Q swap was born. YHC decided to start the weekend off right with a musical weinke:


  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Good mornings
  • Good evenings
  • Hallelujahs (12 reps each)

The Thang:

YHC decided to call for a 2-mile Indian Run around the park, but then reminded the PAX what day it was- April Fools’ Day. Much mumblechatter ensued.

Bear Crawl Walk the Line- Line up, Bear Crawl to the first tree, do 10 merkins, bear crawl to next tree and repeat to the end of the

Then, we had some rock and roll at the rock pile- Curls for the girls, bent-over rows, triceps extensions, 10 reps each. Then YHC added Rock Around the Clock- we ran around the circle with our rocks. Then we repeated the exercises doing 15 and 20 reps, rotating around so the PAX could share in the fun of using each other’s rocks.

We next moseyed to the other end of the parking lot. Chicken Little took the lead and started leaving the rest of the PAX in the dust.  Urraca took that as a challenge and engaged him in a race and took off down the parking lot. When the rest of us caught up with them, we Walk(ed) Like an Egyptian- basically an Indian Run doing lunges instead of running. Form a single file line and lunge. The person at the end of the line jailbreaks to the front. We went to the No Parking sign, which got everyone through the line once.

Next, it was off to the baseball field for the Circle of Life (although the Exicon calls it the “vicious circle”)- mosey around the bases single file while the last PAX runs to the pitcher’s mound, does 5 of an exercise, and runs to the front of the line. Repeat until everyone’s done the exercise. Then repeat with another exercise- or 2, or 3, or- you get the idea. We did Burpees, Lunges, Merkins, and Squats. This was a great idea when YHC was drawing up his weinke, but 45 burpees takes a while (aka several laps around the bases) to do.

Then, we went to the wall for Balls to The Wall (with YHC making a comment about Another Brick in the Wall) and People’s Chair for a 10-count down the line. YHC had planned to do OPP (partnered up- one partner does overhead claps in the people’s chair while the other partner does 10 plank jacks. Then switch. Then repeat with 15 and 20 plank jacks, then back down with 15 and 10), but we had so much fun at the baseball field that we ran out of time.

We finished up at the flag with Mary, Mary (why you buggin’?)- WW1s led by Cousin It that took us until 6:15.

COT: counterama, name-o-rama, 6th man (Cousin IT), prayer requests, took a knee and prayed out, and took a picture.

Thanks to all who posted. See you Monday at Breakdown.

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