YHC had a VQ scheduled today, but he gave me plenty of warning he would not be able to attend so YHC thought to myself that YHC would just Q. So YHC has been thinking about what workout would be fun but also challenging. YHC has enjoyed workouts in the past that involved the PAX interacting and selecting the workout from pre-planned exercises that the Q would provide. So YHC put together a trivia workout and did my homework to prepare everything.

Warm Up
Pledge Of Allegiance
10 – GoodMornings IC
10 – Don Quixotes IC

The Thang
Todays workout was trivia about US State capitals. Redbox setup 2 stations with a halfway point that was clearly marked. We mosey’d to first station that contained a bowl with states written on small pieces of paper.
Each PAX member would get a turn to grab a state out of the bucket that has an exercise listed. The number of reps was based on the order the state joined the US (ie Texas was the 28th state so we did 28 of that exercise)
We would do the exercise at the first station then run to halfway point do the exercise again and then run to the other station. The PAX would then have to guess the State Capital city for the State they selected.
If the PAX got it correct, then we would do just the new exercise that was listed on the answer slip. If the PAX got it wrong, then we would have to do the new exercise and the old exercise at this station and the halfway point. This would put us back at the first station and repeat the process with the next PAX member.

Here are the exercises that we completed in no particular order: 2 sets of each exercise
10 Ranger Merkins
1 Burpee
28 American Hammers
10 jump squats
5 Merkins
10 Prisoner getups
10 Copperhead Squats
20 Mountain Climbers
5 Up/Downs
10 Hand-release Merkins
10 Monkey Humpers
10 Buttkickers
10 Plankjacks
50 Hallelujahs
5 Burpees
40 Squats
32 mountain Climbers
2 Eight count body builders
39 SSHs
31 WW2s
26 Hello Dollys
7 situp/getups (no hands) This is an exercise YHC may have invented as have not seen it done before. Start in the down WW2 position, do a WW2 up, then stand up not using hands, get back down not using hands

Count O Rama and Name O Rama – 3 PAX, picture posted to socials

Prayer Requests
Popeye’s M going through health issues
MaBell’s cousin put in hospital with COVID
Mabell getting his COVID-19 vaccine today

Feeding the 5k tomorrow
Another Santa type ruck coming after Christmas. MaBell will post details soon

Moleskin- Look at the calendar and post somewhere new. Get out of your comfort zone.


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