Bono told me that I had to Q for some reason. So, I picked May 22nd.

Warm-up – Markins

Da Thung – Go get a big ass rock. Some guys got girly rocks.

  • Do 10 shoulder press, 10 curls, 10 rows, 10 triceps
  • lunge to every light pole and do 5 squats
  • Run with rock to shelter
  • 10 super step-up, 25 dips
  • Run to tower and go up and down the stairs 5 times
  • Do 5 lops around the ramps, with lunging up and down the ramps
  • Do people chair, balls to the wall, bear crawl to the wall and do 10 diracans – do 5 rounds
  • Hit the stairs again
  • take the rocks to there home
  • Do a few rounds of Mary

COT – Prays


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