Broga Warm Up

#116 completed their Invasion Ruck callout by coming to Broga. YHC thought it included the beatdown as well but was surprised by some PAX saying they were just going to ruck instead. Some chose the harder thing and stuck around for the KB beating that ensued. Due to some PAX being unfamiliar with the bells, I dialed it down a couple notches to ensure the exercises were done properly.

The Thang

Russian Swings x 20

American Swings x 10

Around the World Cross Body Curls x 10 each side

Goblet Squat x 10

Rack Squat x 10 each side

Roman Reigns Switch Arm Presses x 5 each side

Clean x 10 each side

High Pull x 10 each side

Snatch x 10 each side

Body Clean Thrusters x 10

KB Merkins (hand on KB, other on ground) x 10 each side

Alternating Jump Lunge Lawnmower Rows x 10 each side

Russian Swing Face Pull x 20

Pass Through Switch Arm Snatch Backward Lunge x 5 each side Sp

Part 1 of Turkish Get Up x 5 each side

Squat, Cossack Squat (side lunge), Backward Lunge, Forward Lunge 5 each side

Wave Squats x 10

Parts 2 and 3 of Turkish Get Up x 5 each side

Cool Down Lap

Prayer Requests: injured PAX, praise for the turnout, Candy Cane’s mom, BRR teams, PAX searching for jobs, YHC’s in-laws visiting, pirate football

Announcements: Bench has the Q this Saturday

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