Pledge of Allegiance. Warm it first Side Step Arm Cross; High Knee March; Toe Touch Sweep; Torso Circling; Ski Squat Ventral Raising; Sumo Squat Lean; Single Leg Arm Circling; Alt Warrior Bend; Box Shuffle.

Thang with Kettle Bells and Dumb Bells, Heavy Light. Halos; Around the World; Single Arm Rows; Pop Presses; Walk Squats; Rotating Lunges; Overhead Lunges; Squat Push Pulls; Side Lunge Shifting; Clean Press L/R; Snatching; Single Arm Swing; Goblet Squats; Dead Lift, Sumo style.

Cool it on down with stretching, honoring Papa Smurf.

Thanks for joining YHC.

Prayers> Steamy. Uvalde, TX. Ukraine. The Church. MEN to step up….Will we sacrifice…???

Announcing Memorial Day at Boyd Lee Murph…

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