First off, my apologies for not stating this in the Twitter/picture tweet (if only editing a tweet was feasible)…Thanks to Abu for the opportunity to Q.  Messi expressed how much fun it was and that along with the picture tweeted says it all – it was a great start to the day.  Nevertheless, a backblast:

Perhaps a 2.0 friendly Q is more intimidating than a VQ.  But I decided to not overthink it, formulate a plan, share and discuss it with Messi for his input and tweaks, and then rest assured that the Q does nothing more than share in the fun and fellowship.  Abu called it when he shared the picture tweeted tells the story… it was good.

The Plan – Saturdays are an hour post, so ~10 minutes of warm-ups, ~20 minutes of F3 exercises, ~20 minutes of relays, and conclude with ~10 minutes of recreational fun with a parachute.

Disclaimer given & onto Warm-ups: we started with a “Follow Me” mosey.  We ran the circle, but since some PAX have considerably shorter legs than others, not the Boyd Lee Park 1/2 mile circle, but rather out to the entrance to BLP and around the round about circle and back to the flag.  Upon return, we followed a routine of warm-ups that Messi use to do back during his Karate dojo days…torso twists, arm circles: backwards and forwards, tricep stretch, shoulder stretch, wind mills, and toe touches.

Exercises: to add an essence of fun we all played a role in creating the weinke.  Upon each PAX’s arrival, the 2.0 was asked which was there favorite color from 6 choices: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Purple, & Gold.  Then their Dad was asked what his favorite exercise is and that was assigned to the color chosen.  With a 6-color die each 2.0 would roll to determine which favorite exercise was to be done.  With a traditional (but large oversized) set of dice they would roll to determine the # of reps and then roll one of the die to determine the # of sets.  Each 2.0 had there turn, but not every color was hit.  We had Blue = Burpees, Green = SSHs, Orange = Squats, Red = Plank Jacks, Purple = Merkins, and Gold = Arm Circles.  Given we are also Pirates, Purple was seemingly rolled the most and therefore Merkins were completed the most.  Enough so, that a few 2.0s petered out on the last few reps.  Blue/Burpees was also rolled, the Oh No’s were plentiful enough that I offered the 2.0 to decide if they wished to roll the die to determine how many sets, and the kid was smart enough to decline and state 1 set was more than enough.  At some point, the Dads were just getting started, but I sensed the 2.0s were wearing thin on F3 exercises; so I checked the clock to assess the timing of the plan and it was (fortunate for some) time to transition to relays.

Relays:  When I think of relays, I think of grade school field days.  They’re fun!  Abu did a tremendous set of relays at his 2.0 Friendly Q several weeks ago.  Today’s relays were hosted on one of the softball fields.  Spring is coming and this coming season will be Messi’s last year in Little League, a bittersweet realization for his M and I.  Nevertheless, “the time will come when Spring asks what you did all Winter” – so we ran to prepare and be ready.  First relay – teams of 2.0s vs Dads – Run to the foul poles and back to home plate.  Wow, a Parks and Rec softball field is way bigger than a Little League baseball field.  Pretty sure we were all tired from that one except maybe Abu, Panther, and Tonka.  Next relay, we ran the bases.  2.0s went in traditional route running direction (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Home) and Dads in the opposite direction.  Then, with some wiffle balls and bats, we had the 2.0s hit it as far as they could.  The Dads were to run and retrieve while the 2.0s did as many SSHs as they could.  Winner of relay this time was to be cumulative # of SSHs, with bonus SSHs given for Dads pushing as fast as they could.  Was won by FNG – Chief.  Kid did the quickest and good to form SSHs I believe I’ve ever seen.  His total was nearly as many as the other team did collectively.  Props, Chief!  While checking on time, I asked if any had ideas for another relay.  Given a lack if ideas responded, it seemed it was a good time to transition yet again.  YHC suggested something about dodge ball back at the flag…

Recreational fun: Whereas YHC did indeed have an actual dodge ball, the element of surprise was pulling out a 12′ parachute to use with the dodgeball.  If any 2.0 had gotten tired from the exercises or relays, they then seemed to have forgotten as they lit up with joyful expressions.  Everybody grabbed ahold and we rippled it with waves.  Then, Pink Panther shared he had an idea that he does at his school with a parachute.  We launched the dodgeball as high as we could.  Before you knew it, the engagement was full and the activity had everybody doing squats without a complaining mumble chatter but rather with gleeful mumble chatter.  Then, The Rip had an idea to see if it could lift the 2.0s up off the ground.  With many attempts and great effort, it seemed to assist their vertical jumps as they ended up falling down with the biggest smiles and grandest giggles.  My M is a Recreational Therapist and I’ve learned from her that it is best to end an activity while it is still being thoroughly enjoyed.  Well, it wasn’t because of that wisdom we decided to stop.  The hour was up and it was simply time to circle up…

Count & Name-a-rama: 13 strong with 3 FNGs – Panther’s youngest Carter Rawl (F3_Fruit Roll-Up), Marc Goldberg (F3_Parrothead) and Mason Goldberg (F3_Chief)

COT/BOM: Prayers requests from 2.0s for their teachers, some sick and some expecting 2.0s of their own.  Apologies if I am forgetting others spoken.  YHC prayed us out and lifted up both the spoken and unspoken prayer requests.

Thanks again Abu for the Q op.  Messi enjoyed it as well.

Moleskin:  The sunrise was amazing this morning.  The same that blessed the F3_Farmville 2-year anniversary beatdown was also noticed by us this morning.  I think both the kids and Dads took notice and shared comments.  The Sky Q shared its beauty in phenomenal fashion.  The 2.0s did as well this morning with their smiles…”Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”  We’re blessed to have happy, healthy, smiling 2.0s…this morning’s picture is full of smiles that share joy.  As Candy Cane once shared, the stupid pictures matter, and I think this morning’s is now one of my favorites.

Slalom out!

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