Today the Men of F3ENC attacked the Iron Pax week 2 Challenge. This weeks workout was aptly named Meatloaf Massacre! There were two waves, one at 0615 and one at 0700.

The Challenge

all exercises done with Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) (Thanks again to Pied Piper for supplying the CMUs!). 4 rounds for time

-10 Manmakers

-20 Overhead Presses

-30 Russian KB swings

-40 Goblet squats

-50 Incline block Merkins

After each round, Pax ran different distances based on the round

-1st round: 1600 meters (two laps around the 1/2 mile Boyd Lee Park track)

-2nd round: 1200 meters (One lap around the 1/2 mile track and one round of 400 meter track)

-3rd round: 800 meters (one lap around the 1/2 mile track)

-4th round: 400 meter (one lap around the 400 meter track)

it was a punishing workout but all pax finished with a smile on their faces (whether from exhaustion or just finishing, I don’t know).

Prayers and Praises

-pax who finished the Challenge

-Kingpin and his treatment

-Piper for his help with the CMU

-those affected by the hurricane in the Bahamas and the outerbanks and those going to help them. Also that they don’t have anymore bad weather coming in

-Praise for the Iron Pax challenge for bring the F3 nation together

-Injured pax

-Praise for Cousteau’s Parents anniversary and mother’s Birthday

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