Broga Warm Up

The Thang

In Cadence…

Russian Swings x 10

American Swings x 10

Russian Swing Face Pulls x 10

Bent Arm Swings x 10

Dead Swings x 10

Hand to Hand Swings x 5 each side

Swing to Sit x 10

Walking Swings x 10

Shuffle Swings x 10 each way

Goblet Squat x 10

Rack Squat x 10 each side

Dead Clean x 10 each side

Dead Snatch x 10 each side

Coiled Switch Arm Presses x 10 each side

Coiled Clean and Press (Clean Twisting Split Squat, Press and Twist) x 5 each side

Goblet Cossack Squat x 5 each side

Long Cycle (LC) Clean x 10 each side

LC Snatch x 10 each side

Swing Snatch Reverse Lunge Never Surrender x 5 each side


Mosey to the Playground

Partner Up

One Rotation through

Wall Balls x 20 (rotate when complete)

Pull Ups

Down Dog Swerkins

Inverted Burpees

Inverted Ring Rows

Jump Rope

Band Pull Aparts


Mosey back to the flag

Knees to Feet Clean Squat Press x 5 each side


Prayer Requests: Choppa’s daughter, Jock Itch and Hot Pursuit’s employment, Jock Itch’s brother, Cable’s father, injured PAX, Giuliani’s run, praise for Choppa coming out two days in a row

Announcements: Sasquatch is a week away. No Boyd Lee Beatdown next week. Sign up!

Moleskin: It was a great crowd this morning at Boyd Lee. Thanks to all that showed up and embraced the beatdown. We tried some new moves today, and you all responded like champions. We fail to move forward. We fail to succeed. Aye!

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