Pledge of Allegiance.

SSH. Arm Circles both ways. Good evenings.

THANG – $ Quadrants o Pain. Intersection One Lt. Dans. Lunges and Squats. 1 >2, 2 >4, 3>8, etc up to Mount Boyd Lee. Butkis 3 Rounds of rapid step ups on the curbing for three minutes each round.

$Quadrant 2. Bear Crawl about 50 yd; Walk back to Centre Court. Irkins and Dirkins, 22 each. Bulgarian Squats (single legs). Boom Squats , , , , , ,,  44. (Graham Cracker Rocked these fellas)

$ Quadrant 3. Crawl Bear about 50 yards. 22 Merkins. Head toward the sand volley ball court and then Right Turn Clyde to …

$ Quadrant 4. Discussed what we were doing 20 years ago as we remember this day. WWI’s-44, WWII’s-44. $$ Flutter Kicks-44

Circle Up. Share 44 gave their Lives while on United flight 93, where 44 died, saving many mores lives, as that plane it was thought was heading toward the Capital. “Let’s roll”


YHC prayed us out: Mayor’s uncle still in COVID zone over three hundred days; Graham Cracker learning management skills of feelings. Wild Thang. Punch Out. Easy Rider. Our BRR fellas. YHC’s brother Bob. Our Nation. Our Patriotism. God’s Forgiveness.

Announcing Service in Building a Ramp for a wheelchair bound girl.

Converged. Cold-Cut Style

God Bless the USA

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