Boyd Lee Beatdown, the hour long beatdown of man vs. kettlebell.  The beatdown that is said to be, “The hardest workout you will ever do” (2nd to the Oval Office; obviously).  The one that starts later in the morning so you can make sure you will be dirty and sweaty when going to Bagelman. The one that is famous for engaging glutes.  The one that is…. never mind.  That’s enough.


This morning was hot, humid with not a cloud in sight.  It was going to be one of those days where everyone was going to lose 5lbs from just sweating.  As the PAX were rolling in, everyone made sure they found a spot where they were facing away from the sun.  Abu conveniently chose a nice, shaded area.  This left YHC to be facing directly into the sunlight but luckily the Captain’s Hat kept the face shaded… for now.  0700 hit, introductions were made, and it was time to…



SSH x 20 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Squat x 10 IC



YHC took one from Abu’s book… each exercise would only be 10 reps.  However, just like Abu, there was a catch.  There would be groups of complex exercises and groups of exercises with the slow count cadence (a PAX favorite).  Here were the exercises:



– Single-Leg Row, Clean, Press (10 reps each on the right and left)

– Snatch, Rear Lunge (10 reps each on the right and left)

– Goblet Squat (hold), Curl, Shoulder Press

– Half Upright Row, Squat, Plank, Push-Up, 8 x Mountain Climbers


Slow Count

– Single-Arm Chest Press (10 reps each on the right and left)

– Lawnmowers (10 reps each on the right and left)

– Upright Rows

– Lunges (10 reps each on the right and left)



– Russian Swing, High Pull, American Swing

– Clean, Lunge, Press (10 reps each on the right and left)

– Chest Press, Leg Lift (10 reps on the right and left)

– Squat, Upright Row, Jump, Reset


Slow Count

– Curls for the Girls

– Shoulder Press (10 reps total alternating each side)

– Side Lunge (10 reps total alternating each side)


We then went for round 2.  This time we went for 5 reps, each, with minimal rest in between.  We made it all of the way through the third group of exercises and did some additional reps to finish things off.



Prayers for Grout’s 2.0

Prayers for Punch Out’s 2.0

Prayers/Praise for THEE Hotspot



Although it was a hot/humid day, it was still a lot fun to be with the great HIMs of ENC for YHC’s first Q at Boyd Lee Beatdown.  Thank you, Abu, for allowing me the opportunity to Q.  I hope everyone has a blessed day.

– Captain Obvious

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