YHC had text Abu a couple of weeks ago about sometime Q’ing in the future at BLB, getting the reply, “you are ready.” Feeling confident from this reply YHC said, “ok let’s go for it.” Plans ran through my head for two weeks and in there they seemed good and went smoothly, in my head they did at least. Arrived at AO for EC a little late and caught up with Abu, Tonka, and Carebear (FiA) and got in a solid 2 miles. Arrived back and PAX members were rolling in along with 2 FNG’s that Cousin IT had said were coming, I pulled out my big green wienke and the madness started…


Bend over and touch your toes- IC- OYO

The Thang

“Kids want to “PIMP” a homerun, so why not be a “PIMP” after a workout”- YHC

Partner up and instructions were given that we would be moseying to the workout area and doing an AMRAP P.I.M.P workout.

P- Pull-up

I- Imperial Walker Squat

M- Merkin

P- Pansey (Modified) Instead of doing pull up, bring legs up 90 degrees

Partner 1 would run one lap while Partner 2 would complete the varies exercises. YHC made the mistake of not giving a set number of reps for PAX but to just do as many reps as possible. Like YHC said previously, in my head this workout went different, but more to come on that. With an odd number of PAX, YHC paired up with Cousin IT and Strokes but Giuliani showed up and brought some unexpected weather with him.

After a rinse and repeat, the PAX picked up the six and headed back to the flag for some kettlebell work.

– Single Arm Shoulder Press: 2 sets x 10 reps each arm- IC

YHC at this time was generously given a 35 lb kettlebell and the 25 lb was taken away, take about a game changer.

– KB Clean: 2 sets x 10 reps each arm- IC

– KB Snatch: 2 sets x 10 reps each arm- IC

– Sumo Squat/ High Pull- 2 sets x 10 reps- IC

– Never Surrender: 1 set x 5 reps each arm- IC

– Single Leg RDL: 1 set x 15 reps each leg (5 with KB in left hand, 5 with KB in right hand, 5 with KB in both hands)

– Curl Press Extention Plus: 2 sets x 10 reps- IC

1 Lap around the Park

8 am hit right as YHC came back to the flag.

Count-a-rama/ Name-a-rama

Named FNG’s: Welcome Big Top and Doppler

Prayer Request/ Praises:

  • Let Shine being a huge success and seeing the smile and joy on faces of the kids with special needs
  • Aquaman being back out in the gloom on a Saturday
  • YHC getting through the cluster of a Q
  • Pied Piper, THEE Hot Spot and all injured PAX
  • King Pin and for a successful check up
  • Brandon Hodges


4 year anniversary- February 16th at Boyd Lee Park from 7 am to 8 am

For all other announcements visit www.f3enc.com/announcements/


As mentioned earlier in the backblast, I saw this workout going completely different in my head. I thought I was prepared to Q a kettlebell workout with integrate cadence calling and lead the PAX in a solid beatdown. I quickly learned that I was not as prepared as I had thought, and Q’ing a workout like that is not as easy as it as made to look. So I felt like I failed at Q’ing and it was basically a failure. What many do not know is that I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I hate to fail at something feeling like I let others down and make it look like I was weak. This time was different though knowing that what I had just lead was honest cluster. It’s honestly the reason I love F3 because not one PAX member made me feel that way even though I had thought that to myself. I struggled throughout my entire Q with the kettlebells but the mumblechatter was strong and encouragement and help from all the PAX pushed me through. Driving to Bagel man, 2 other things came to mind about me “failing”. One is something that Abu had said at the Site Q meeting 2 nights prior and that was, “not all Q’s are going to be perfect, the Q is going to mess up and they are going to fail so timebut so what, no one is perfect. The PAX members there are going to be there to pick them up and that’s one thing F3 is all about. Leave no man behind and leave no man where you found him.” The other was from a Q-source meeting (if you have not been to one, highly suggested that you attend one) talking about Leadership. When we Q, we are the leaders, all great leaders in their times have failed at one point or another but they are still recognized as being great leaders. Why? Because they learned from their errors and made the corrections and it made them better. These are some things over the past couple of weeks that have stuck with me and even though my Q was a complete cluster (in my eyes a failure), it does not mean I’m going to give up or not Q again. No, I’m going to learn from my mistakes, take what I have learned and still learning, and make myself better at it so I can lead a better workout next time and make the PAX’s working out better. I cannot thank the PAX’s that posted today from the push and drive and encouragement to get through my own workout. Also, Abu for giving me the chance to lead this beatdown. We already respect the man for what he does with kettlebells but Q’ing it is a totally different ballgame, so TCLAPS to you for all that you do when you do lead a kettlebell workout. Do not ever be discouraged from Q’ing because no matter what you will always have a group of men behind you to help you up and keep pushing you forward.

We might not have Pimped out of the workout but the Q will always be 80 proof.




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