Broga Warm Up

The Thang

On the way to Boyd Lee I was thinking about how I could punch the PAX right in the mouth from the start. This was the first thing that popped in my head.

Complete unbroken without dropping the KB


American Swings and Russian Swings

Mission accomplished! It added up to 110 swings, 55 American and 55 Russian. Forearms smoked. Now it’s time for the workout I had planned.

10 Minute AMRAP(as many rounds as possible)

Swing Snatch Reverse Lunge Never Surrender = 1 x 2 each side

Sphinx Merkins x 2

Alternating Jump Lunge Lawnmower Rows x 4 each side

Archer Merkins x 2 each side

Alternating Bent Over Rows x 4 each side

Mosey to the Playground and Partner Up

10 Minute AMRAP

20 lb. Wall Balls x 20 (rotate off wall balls clockwise)

Pull Ups

Mule Kicks

Stabilizer Swerkins (hands on swing)

Ring Dips

We ended up going into overtime so we could complete two rounds

Mosey back to the flag

Farmer’s Carry Relay

Gazelle and Fiddler were captains to pick two teams.

2 35 lb. KB curb to curb farmer’s carry at sides

2 20/25 lb. KB tree to curb bottoms up carry

Cousin IT wanted everyone to experience the bottoms up carry so we went into 1 minute of overtime.

Prayer Requests: Praise to have Piper back in the gloom, Fiddler’s friend Garrett, Cable’s dad, injured PAX, Jock Itch, Hot Pursuit, Caliente’s mom

Announcements: Sasquatch is two weeks away! Sign up!

Moleskin: I shared in the COT that when I make up my workouts, I sometimes have these thoughts of what the hell am I getting myself into, I don’t want to do this, etc. Today was one of those mornings. Then I get out to the AO and see the PAX and a fire gets lit inside of me. After I got done with ball and prior to F3, I spent a lot of solo time in the gym. I never had a problem pushing myself, but it sure is a whole lot more fun doing tough things with your brothers. And more sustainable. Having something to train for keeps you going strong. Motivation comes and goes as we have all seen and felt before. To be driven is constant. One of the beautiful things about F3 is there is always a CSAUP to train for and someone to train with. That keeps you grinding and pushing forward. Aye!

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