Broga Warm Up

The Thang

Since we had one PAX that was new to KBs, I broke down all the dynamic exercises on my weinke and we did 5 reps of each IC. It added up to a lot of exercises and a lot of reps.

Now that the PAX knew the exercises, it was on.


Russian Swing Face Pull x 20

American Swing x 20

Dead lift, Row, Clean, High Pull, Snatch = 1 x 5 each side

Coiled Clean and Press (Clean Twisting Split Squat, Press and Twist = 1) x 5 each side

Alternating Jump Lunge Rows x 20 (10 each side)

Clean Backward Lunge Press Split Squat = 1 x 5 each side

Single Leg Deadlift Row Clean = 1 x 5 each side

Goblet Squat Curl Press Extension = 1 x 10

KB Windmill x 5 each side

Turkish Get Ups x 4 each side

KB Squat Roll Ups x 10

Prayer Requests: Caliente’s mom, Cable’s dad, Vanilla and his 2.0, the BRR boys training this weekend in the mountains, injured PAX

Announcements: Sasquatch, Saturday, July 27th, 6:00 AM: Sign Up

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Moleskin Kettlebells can be intimidating and tricky, so it is crucial to go over posture and technique with new PAX.  I am so grateful for the regulars at BoydLeeBeatdown because whenever we have a new guy(s) they are always so patient and encouraging for our Q School on form before we get after it with the beatdown. As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another. We are stronger together. Aye!

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