Abu asked YHC to pinch hit and Q Boyd Lee beat down and I was glad to. 

I arrived at 0610 for broga and saw the gate to BLP locked. I decided to check out the EC Cats parking lot and saw asparagus et al discussing the options. They decided to move the party to Paramore while YHC decided to wait for any PAX. Slim Jim and Charlie Brown showed up and the gate was unlocked at 0655. The flag was planted and we were off.

Warm up:

Michael Phelps

Cotton Pickers

Jack Webb- Merkins/Hallelujahs 1:5 ratio

The Thang:

Three cones were set up for suicides.  One man run a version of suicides while other two perform exercise. Total of two rounds of suicides and six rounds of each exercise. 

KB swing run to cones cariakoa back

Halos run to cone cariakoa back (face opposite direction)

Sunrise/Sunset run to cone and back petal back

Lawn mower run to cone and run back

KB WWII’s run to the cone and bear crawl back 


Grab 2 KB’s and head to the shelter 

One man fireman carry KB’s around the shelter while other two perform exercises. Same ratio as the suicide rounds.



Super step ups

Back to the flag for some sprints

Prayer requests:

Slim Jim’s sister-in-law 

King Pin


9/11 convergence at the schoolyard 

Pray first Monday 0500 BLP


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