Abu asked me to Q a couple of weeks ago.  I immediately had envisions of the double kettlebell in hand.  After texting with Abu we both agreed this is probably a little too soon.  So we will just have to take a rain check on that.  Nevertheless, a plan was in place for singe kettlebell exercises with trying to get the PAX a little more focused on the lift at hand in between sets.  YHC, has been doing a little reading on how serious weight lifters overcome the anxiety of significant weight on the bar (the old adage of mind over matter).  It pretty much boils down to before each set having the mindset of 100% focus on the lift (including envisioning accomplishing the lift, to mapping out the exact bar path/technique).  So this is what we did after most rounds and sets (step back and focus on your kettlebell).

Here is how it went down:

Warm UP:

Low deep squats X10

Merkins X 8

Front lunges each leg X 8

Back lunges each leg X 8

Little arm circles front to back

Big arm circles front to back

KB Halo

KB Press X 8

Main workout:

Upper Body Flow- Three rounds of 5 reps each arm:

Deadlift, row to below the naval, clean to press

Lower Body Flow- Three rounds of the following:

Goblet Squat- 5 reps

Around the clock lunges with each leg

Upper Body Flow- 3 rounds:

8 rows, 8 cleans, 8 presses each arm

Lower Body Flow: 2 rounds (YHC originally had three rounds, but bit off more than he could chew)

Goblet Squat- 8 reps

Front lunge- 8 reps each leg

Back lunge- 8 reps each leg

Partner Up:

One PAX exercises with Russian Swings, while the second PAX runs to the building and back for a total of 300 swings

We had 5 minutes left and since Wimpie was with us YHC had to throw in some arm exercises-

2 rounds of KB curls

2 rounds of behind the head neck tricep extensions

Prayer Requests:

Please lift up T- Bone’s dad as he is having some health issues right now

Lift up Noonan for getting back on track and feeling 100%

Abu’s M on a big job decision

Abu, as always thanks for the opportunity to lead this fine group of men!


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