It has been a while since YHC has had the Q at the Beat down.  So YHC did not hesitate when Abu asked to help with a Q.  Since social distancing and being careful are still in the cards, YHC’s favorite double kettle bell excercises were scratched off the weinke.  So a single kettle bell flow circuit along with double and triple sets of single KB excercises became the plan.

Warm UP:

Squat X 10

2 handed overhead press X 10

Alternating forward lunges X 10 each leg

Merkins X 10

Kb Halo X 10 each side

Small arm circles

Big arm circles

Work Out:

  1.  KB Flow: 3 rounds 5 reps each side

Row-clean-squat-swing snatch-squat to press

2.  KB squat in rack to low clean each side: 3 rounds 5 reps

KB offset merkin with hand release pull to close grip on the bell merkin each side: 3 rounds 3 reps

3.  Russian Swing: 3 rounds 16,16,16 reps

KB Row: 3 rounds 16, 14, 12 reps

Merkins: 3 rounds 24, 22, 20 reps

4.  KB Deadlifts: 3 rounds 5 reps

Static Hold halfway up V-ups with the KB: 3 rounds 10 second hold

KB Jump Deadlifts: 3 rounds 5 reps

5. Same KB Flow as above: 1 round 3 reps

6.  Farmers Carry with KB in hand to the second tree X 2

Prayer Requests:

Slalom- Father going into surgery M and T of this week

Abu- Praise for M getting into working out, and overall family

Grout- Continue to lift up his 2.0 Levi as he continues treatment

Stern’s friend with ALS

Minnesota Fatz co-worker diagnosed with melanoma

Punch Out with his new 2.0 (newborn)


As always it was a pleasure taking the Q for the beat down.  These HIM fought through some tough exercises and got better today!  It was great seeing Splinter’s son-in-law Combine come out from Augusta.  Thanks Abu for inviting him!


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