YHC arrived at #BLB to see the Magnificent Master of the Deep patiently waiting for the festivities to start. Carried the KBs to the flag and greeted my brother. Out of the gloom 3 men emerged and little did YHC know that they would have JOKES for the next hour regarding the rain. The hour struck and we were off like a WET dirty shirt.


SSH x 15
Arm circles x 10 front and reverse
Runners Stretch
1/2 lap around the track
3 rounds of Squats/Mule Kicks/Diamond Merkins x 10
1/2 lap back to flag

3 Rounds
KB Swing to side lunges each side x 10 OYO
KB Curl to Squat x 10 OYO
KB Clean to Overhead Press x 10 OYO
Prisoner Get Up w/KB x 10

1 lap around the track

Partner up
Sumo Dead Lifts for P1 and Run P2
Overhead Hold front lunges for P1 and Run P2
KB Swing and Burpee (1-1;2-1;3-1…) for P1 and Run P2

Dying Cockroaches with KB x 16
Flutter kicks with KB x 20
American Hammers x 10

Prayer Requests: Silverback’s Co-worker and family; Families and friends of ECU students in car accident; recovering Pax and those dealing with injuries; holiday travel.
Announcements: Panther with the Q for #Mash; The Good-bye Yellow Brick Road next stops in Farmville Wednesday for #TobaccoRoad; Get your tickets for the Aquaman movie on the 21st at AMC on Firetower.

This was a great workout for YHC. @F3Abu introduced 2 KBs with compound movements and it really ups the challenge. Lots of great Mumblechatter from these Pax starting before the workout and continuing through the end. YHC almost splashed and well there was a moment…Needless to say YHC got his money’s worth with some great Coffeteria at Bagelman where we met up with Bono, Past Due and Panther. (2 of the 3 rucked I will leave it up to you to figure it out). Great workout, fellowship and growth. ENC is something special that I know cannot be duplicated anywhere else. We take it with us. Glad to lead this morning. #PTR #CoopStrong

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