Last Monday JTT asked for volunteers to Q at Blastoff. After 30 seconds of crickets YHC stepped up.  YHC, Patch, Scotty Moe, Haavaad, Psycho, Backhoe and JTT met for EC Ruck. Half way through an FNG who was headlocked by Spinal Tap arrived to join us. At 0520 we prayed it up as the rest of the PAX arrived.

0530 – Pledge of Allegiance and Warm up


10 Good Mornings IC

(5 burpees courtesy of Wimpy’s tardiness)

10 Hillbillies IC

Catch me if you can – 1 man bear crawl while everyone else performs 5 squats then run and catch. After everyone got a turn to Bear Crawl (some had multiple turns) we switched it up and performed merkins while leader duck walked. We finished up at the rock pile where everybody grabbed a rock. YHC spotted some lightning so we put the rocks back and moseyed to the wall.

Peoples chair and overhand clap 50 times then broad jump burpees to the end of the building. Back to the wall for peoples chair with 25 overhand claps then side lunge to the end of the building. Back to the wall for peoples chair 10 overhead claps.

Coast was clear to head back to the rock pile

Super set 21’s curls and 21 OH tricep extension 3X

Sunrise/sunset w/rock 3X rotate between sets

Mosey back to the flag for sprints with the last 3 back petal

Find a spot on the curb for Mary

American hammers

Flutter kick crunches 



Mayhems friend

Monarchs aunt


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