Large Crew for a Cold Monday.  Started with some Michael Phelps, Squats, Plankjacks, and Merkins in Cadence in the circle.

In the meadow area we as a group Bear Crawled down and Jogged back. Next Crab Walk down and Jog Back and Lastly Lunge down and Jog back.

Then a Mosey as a group to the Pull-up bars, Bench set the pace.  Once there we did a group of 7’s between the center of the circle and pull-up bars.  Pull-ups at one end and Merkins at the other.  Mumble Chatter was flowing.  Did some arm and arm WWII’s then a long tunnel of love.  Mosey to the wall for some B2Wall and Peoples Chair.  Also some partner high knees.  Back to the flag for some abs.  Good Work Men.

Thanks to Tip for the chance and also to Bench for the chance to lead Pray First.  If you haven’t been out to Pray on Mondays give it a try, it is a great way to start your week.

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